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"Heil furnace"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The furnace is very unreliable it's been in our house now for five years and every winter we have steady problems with it shutting down! Not at all happy with this piece of junk and the company who installed are hard to get to come all the way out to our place to get the problem solved !!! I am a prisoner in my own home don't know what to do anymore don't have the money to tear it out and put in a reliable furnace.

Kurt Olsen

Birch Hills, Saskatchewan


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased a Heil (I.E. International Comfort Products) Furnace and Air Conditioner during the Fall of 2014. Since the Furnace and ac were installed I have had nothing but problems. First, it took nearly a year and two different service technicians to correctly calibrate the Furnace and ac to reach the manufacturer specified efficiency. I asked the second service technician, who was much more experienced, why it was such an issue to get the furnace and ac calibrated. He informed me the Heil (I.E. icp products) have a lot of problems (I.E. frequently part failures and problems achieving the specified efficacy). At that point, I was worried about the purchase, but I figured I was covered by a 5/10 and 20-year warranty, so even if a part failed, it wouldn't be that bad. Since then, I've had ongoing issues with the Furnace and ac. Intermittently, the furnace/AC will shut down and provide a 3 led error code. Recently, I have had to run the furnace without the cover panel and call a service technician. After the service technician diagnosed the system, I was informed that the inducer motor and pressure switches (x2) had failed. While icp will cover the cost of these parts under the products 5/10 -year warranty, they don't cover the diagnostic service call or labor to fix the defective parts. The current estimate to cover the service call and labor to fix the defective parts is over $650. Upon searching this site and the overall internet, I have determined that I am not the only person to have this problem (it's actually quite common based on the publicly available information). When I contacted icp, they were not helpful and simply repeated their policy that the diagnostic service call and labor were not covered by the product warranty. Based on my experience, I believe that ICPs products are sub par quality if not simply defective. I do not recommend that you purchase any International Comfort Products (icp) product due to the use of low- quality parts and the organization's refusal to cover the cost of labor to replace defective parts. HVAC systems should not fail after a little over 2 years.


Council Bluffs, IA

"Heil Furnace"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Had furnace installed in November 2011. So far not one problem, not even a minor one. And other than changing air filter I have done zero maintenance to this furnace. I would not hesitate to purchase another one and would highly recommend this brand.

G. Stevenson

Saskatchewan, Canada


4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

Had furnace now for 18 months with no maintenance problems. Is a little bit loud due to the vibration on the venting. Keeps the house warm and would buy another one. Highest recommendation I can give.

John Gillespie

Kansas City, MO

"Poor Replacement"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought a Heil 80% furnace & a/c system back in 2010. It was installed by an independant contractor that had 25 yrs of experience that worked for a local well known company before leaving to start his own hvac co. He recommended the Heil brand (under the same corporate umbrella -United Technologies- as Carrier, Bryant, Payne, Arcoaire, Tempstar, Day and Night, Comfortmaker, Keep Rite, Airquest, Maratherm). After the initial installation, he had to come out 3 times that summer for a/c issues (coil kept freezing up) and as that years winter was setting in he had to come out again to do another repair to get the furnace to fire. The following spring he had to come out to repair the a/c unit once again due to the a/c unit not working. 2 more service calls as summer started for the same issue along with low freon, again. That fall, he was back out for the furnace failing to fire. The third year he had to come out to recharge the system again due to loss of freon in which he found no leaks (smae as previous years; it was just "eating" the refrigerant as he stated and was mind boggled by it). That winter he was out to fix a squeaking noise (I assume the inducer motor and he oiled the bearings instead of replacing the [email protected] thing). Fourth year with the unit it was perfect although it did run constantly in the summer especially on hot days (causing the electric bill to be very high). Fifth year with the unit it needed two more repairs, once in the spring and once in the fall. Now here in the 6th year I have an inducer motor that frooze and became so hot to the touch I am lucky my house didn't burn to the ground. The pressure switches are bad (been doing my own diagnosis because the contractor told me it had a 5 yr warranty and considering he claims the warranty is expired, I said what the hell do I have to loose?). Parts are on warranty (I did register it within the 90 days to get the 10 year parts warranty after he installed the sytem even though he claims it isn't and probably won't be now), I still would have to pay for labor if I can get him to replace the parts that I believe are still under warranty. My previous system was a Bryant that lasted 26 years before lightning hit the a/c unit and this contractor talked me into replacing the entire system due to age and incapatibility with new Bryant a/c units at the time. My furnace was working like a champ when that occurred. Also this is suppose to be "energy efficient" and yet my utility bills are higher now then with the Bryant that was installed in 1985. I am now considering purchasing a new system in spring '17 because this is ridiculous. I wouldn't have another "Peil" even if you gave me the top of the line free of charge. Yet like anything, you can get a lemon, and well, I guess I got squeezed.

James C

G.R., MI

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