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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We have had this unit in our home for 3 years and have gone through 2 compressors. It cools and heats wonderfully until the compressor goes out, no warning, just poof there it goes. Presently we are running 2 window units and 4 ceiling fans to assist this unit in keeping our home cool. And no, we do not frost the windows with extreme temperatures. Unit is set at 74 degrees. We were told that if the unit goes out again it would be best to replace it altogether. Most assuredly it will not be a Heil going back into our house. Carrier, here we come. It may cost more but we had one in our previous residence and, other than the installation, it cost us nothing and my utility bill was much cheaper.

Tammy Palermo

Eureka Springs, AR

"They don't last!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased new 2012 and have had to have it charged every year except the year it was installed so it lasted a year. Apparently, the leak wasn't bad enough to be able to check for leaks but just bad enough to make it not work. Each year more needs to be added so the leak is getting worse and now the coil needs to be replaced. Worked for 1 year and then nothing but problems since. I will never buy anything Heil again!


Holland, MI

"Crappy evaporator coil"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

After we had this system installed, we noticed the air was warmer and clammier than the prior unit at the same t-stat setting. We had to lower the t-stat down a couple of degrees to get the same comfort. Which meant the unit ran practically all the time! I installed a whole house dehumidifier and that did the trick, and we were able to then raise the t-stat temperature back to the pre-Heil setting, but I shouldn't have had to do that. In the year of running the unit without the dehumidifier, a couple of the vents dripped water occasionally and mold/mildew formed on our cathedral ceiling in the living room, which I blame on the poor humidity climate control. Not cool, Heil. Never Heil again.


Slidell, LA

"Broke down twice in 18 months"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We brought a 14 SEER unit in September of 2016. Going into our first year of having the unit the coil got a leak in it. We got that fixed under warranty. Then in May of 2018, the compressor went out. This Heil unit has broken down twice in 18 months. We called to get the unit fixed, they will replace the compressor but we have to pay 600 dollars to fill it back up. To buy a unit costing thousands of dollars and their part broke down. The company should be looking into the issue but International Comfort Products doesn't care about their products or the people who buy their units. I know companies are out to make money but they should take care of this issue. 18 months, two major issues. When you call the company, they say, "I'm sorry and understand your frustration but we can't help you." Thanks a lot for nothing.

Thomas Garden

Stockbridge, GA


5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Reading the negative reviews of Heil HVAC equipment one thing is clear. The install is most likely the issue on the majority of the issues. I have installed many a/c units over my time in the industry and have had to go back on install other so called contractors have done and had to inform the homeowner that they have a bad install. Homeowners need to thoroughly research the contractors before deciding on the one to do the install for them. I installed an ICP product on my sisters house in 2005 and have not had to do anything to it other then clean the condenser coil and keep the drain line clear on the ahu. For those who read this need to know this Carrier owns ICP and a Heil unit is essentially the same thing as a Carrier. The product is solid and experiences no more issues than all the other brands. The warranty is 10 years just like other brands plus the Mainline Heil carry a 5 year no Hassle warranty, if you choose to go with an ICP product make sure you have it installed by an ICP Product dealer (contractor). They know the systems better than those that are not ICP dealers and also know the warranty issues (not made up issues like "this brand typically has blower motor problems" which I read in a review) This goes for Carrier, Trane, Lennox etc. Use the Dealers for those brands to do the install. You go with cheap contractor you get a cheap install and that is not the equipment's fault. One last thing in one of the review the individual said and I quote "Thank god I purchased the extended warranty" The Heil equipment comes with a 5 year parts out of the box and when registered within 90 days of install it get another 5 years for total of 10 years ( like most brands) so if he paid for an additional 5 years he got ripped off. Do your homework before you decide.

Retired installer

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