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Heil Air Conditioner Overview

Heil is one of the HVAC brands owned by International Comfort Products (ICP). Carrier acquired ICP in 1999. In addition to central air conditioners, Heil sells heat pumps, gas furnaces, oil furnaces, geothermal systems, packaged products, ductless systems and thermostats. 

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Central air conditioners do more than cool living spaces. They also enhance comfort by cleaning, circulating and dehumidifying the air. The main parts of a central air conditioner are the compressor, heat exchanger and cooling coil. 

Heil offers three series of central air conditioners: from most to least expensive, QuietComfort Deluxe, QuietComfort and Performance. 

Heil Air Conditioner Models

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings determine the energy efficiency of these Heil AC units. The higher the rating, the more efficient the unit. The federal government requires a 13 SEER for units manufactured after 2005. To make it on the ENERGY STAR “Most Efficient” list, units must have a SEER of at least 18

QuietComfort Deluxe 19 HVA9

Heil’s flagship model is ENERGY STAR-rated with 19 SEER cooling. It’s available in two-ton to five-ton capacities. 

The five-stage variable-speed compressor and variable-speed fan optimize humidity and temperature control. SmartSense technology provides incremental adjustments to the compressor and fan. These adjustments keep indoor temperatures consistent. The QuietComfort Deluxe 19 is Heil’s quietest model at 56 decibels. Other features include a weather-resistant design and remote access with WiFi-enabled Ion System Control. 

A 2.5-ton QuietComfort Deluxe 19 HVA9 Air Conditioner costs $3,050. 

QuietComfort Deluxe 17 HCA7

This premium, ENERGY STAR-rated Heil AC unit features a 17 SEER. Capacities range from two to five tons. The QuietComfort Deluxe 17 features a two-stage compressor. The two-speed fan ensures quiet performance as low as 70 decibels. The corrosion-resistant unit features a tight wire grille and protective corner posts alongside remote access through the Observer wall control, a WiFi-enabled communications system. 

A 2.5-ton QuietComfort Deluxe 17 HCA7 Air Conditioner costs $2,522. 

QuietComfort 16 HSA6

The ENERGY STAR-rated QuietComfort 16 combines 69-decibel performance with a 16 SEER rating. It is available in 1.5 to five-ton capacities. The single-stage compressor delivers the cooling you need when the summer heat arrives. The durable debris and weather-resistant design deliver added peace-of-mind. The rugged coating resists abrasions, corrosion and rust. The unit offers remote operation when you add Observer communicating wall control. 

A 2.5-ton QuietComfort 16 HSA6 Air Conditioner costs $2,487. 

Performance 17 N4A7

This Heil unit comes with an energy-efficient 17 SEER and quiet 71-decibel performance. Available capacities range from two tons to five tons. The two-stage compressor delivers enhanced temperature and humidity control. The corrosion-resistant design also withstands the onslaught of adverse weather and debris. 

A 2.5-ton Performance 17 N4A7 Air Conditioner costs $1,802. 

Performance 16 N4A6

This Energy Star-qualified AC unit from Heil combines efficiency and value in 1.5 to five-ton capacities. The central air unit features a single-stage compressor, a single-speed fan motor and 17 SEER cooling. The unit offers 70-decibel performance in a corrosion and debris-resistant design. The tight wire grille panels make it simple to clean the coil. 

A 2.5-ton Performance 16 N4A6 Air Conditioner costs $1,698. 

Heil Air Conditioner Installation Pricing

Installation costs for Heil air conditioners can range from $3,492 to $6,100. Variables impact total costs. For example, HVAC professionals charge different hourly labor rates. Sometimes, existing ductwork requires updating for maximum energy efficiency. When ductwork requires updating or expansion, the design work takes time. This Old House estimates an installation cost of $3,500 to $4,000 for a medium-sized home when ductwork is already in place. 

Contact a local independent HVAC professional for accurate pricing tailored to your home’s specific needs. Your contractor will calculate loads to determine your home’s air conditioning demands. The contractor will then recommend a unit with a cooling capacity that is sufficient but not excessive. 

Heil Air Conditioner Maintenance 

Heil recommends that owners clear away debris and vegetation from their units on a monthly basis. It is also important to arrange for an annual inspection by a qualified HVAC technician. This visit most often occurs in the spring before the arrival of the cooling season. The technician will perform the following tasks: 

  • Inspect the cabinet, replacing anything that’s damaged or severely rusted
  • Clear any dirt, dust or debris found inside the unit
  • Inspect and clean the condenser coil, rinsing with fresh water
  • Inspect the fan and motor
  • Repair/replace overheated or otherwise damaged wiring/components
  • Tighten loose connections 
  • Inspect electrical disconnections, repairing or replacing if needed
  • Check the refrigerant system 

This annual visit also keeps your warranty in effect.

Heil Air Conditioner Warranties

Heil’s No Hassle Replacement Limited Warranty provides a one-time replacement of a compressor, coil or heat exchanger failing due to defect. No Hassle Limited Warranty periods are one, three, five or 10 years depending on the model. With top-of-the-line units, you must

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