HeatMaster MF eSeries Wood Furnaces

HeatMaster MF eSeries Wood Furnace Overview

The Heatmaster MF eSeries is an outdoor multifuel furnace with a heating capacity ranging from 250,000 to 800,000 BTUs and a water capacity ranging from 130 to 555 gallons. Along with wood, the MF eSeries will burn coal and any type of biomass. Like the MF Series, the MF eSeries is manufactured with 409 stainless steel and features heavy duty double wall insulation, a large round firebox and a dual firebox door latch. In addition, it features an additional heat exchanger pass and an optional secondary air injection, allowing the unit to burn 20-30% less wood than the MF Series. It also has an insulated rear door which is hinged for quick and easy removal without the use of tools. The 2016 starting price of the MF eSeries is 8,495.00.

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Consumer Reviews of HeatMaster MF eSeries


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  • #1 of 4 HeatMaster Wood Furnace
  • 92.31% of customers recommended

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HeatMaster MF eSeries Wood Furnace Reviews

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"Would do it again!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We bought our e3000 in 2008. The dealer was wonderful (and still is if we have questions or need something). It has no doubt been the best investment we have made. It keeps our house warmer than the heat pump, heats our water (allows us to turn our water heater way down) and lowers our electric bill during the winter. We love the fact that it does not have grates/an ash catcher. We have found that our stove does not burn wood near as quickly as a stove with grates (several family members/friends have stoves with grates) and allows you to get more out of what you burn. Maintenance is little and is not real hard to do. We make sure to get our water sample in and clean/inspect the fire box thoroughly before lighting off in the fall. The only thing I would change about it is a slightly larger door. Without a doubt, we would purchase another Heatmaster wood stove, and likely will should we ever move from our current residence.

K. Martin

Catawba, VA


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have owned my 5000e for 4 years now. There's not a day that goes by that I wonder if I should have got something else. This unit is a rather simple design. It is clear that a great deal of its marketability is focused on build quality. While there are options for upgrades like an additional blower discharge unit over the fire base I could not imagine that it would ever be required. I am heating a hydronic floor in the basement in a 4800 square foot Adirondack Style A-frame with a lot of windows. Well I have a hydronic radiator in the plenum of my backup furnace, it is only used if I need a speedy charge of heat after I've been gone 4 longer than a day. I am only using one of the two supplied Outlets from this heat Master unit going into my house. I expect I will use the other for a heating garage when not build comes sometime in the future. I don't expect to need anything more than this unit and quite frankly I'm not sure I want anything else. Easy to clean, easy to maintain, easy to operate. Very Satisfied.

Aaron Smithson

Lanark, ON

"This heat works for me"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

My oil furnace went out during Thanksgiving in 2012. I'd been looking into an outdoor wood system because home heating oil at the time had went to $3.72 a gallon. No sooner than a 500 gal refill my furnace went ca put. Thankfully the house never caught fire from the melted wires. I jumped on the phone and called the nearest outdoor boiler dealer and asked if he could install me a system. We discussed size needs and he recommended a Heatmaster MF-3000e. This being an old 1 1/2 story cold wood framed home. He said if I could get a trench dug from the house to the location I wanted the burner he would be there first thing in the morning. By 7:00 am he was here. It was in the twenties outside and before 11:00 am he had my system installed and the house over 70 degrees inside. This is what I consider my best ever purchase. I have access to plenty of wood and this system works great even with green wood. Now I stay as warm as I want, get exercise gathering wood during the winter and sleep like a baby. The only issue I ever had was when first installed was a sticky air flapper. It seemed after every few hundred openings it would hang open causing it to boil over. No problems as the safety systems worked as it should have. The installer replaced the solenoid and all has performed perfect in the last 5 seasons. Staying as warm as I want, all mess outside and very little caring for ashes and maintenance, I'm very pleased with my system and would recommend this to anyone looking for the same.

W. Webb

Laurel Fork, VA

"Great stove"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Very good unit wife loves it no mess indoors. We can control the temperature of our house. Would not go back to propane heat.

Chet Pogoreski

Birch Run, MI

"Performance & Factory Customer Service"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We heat 16,400 Sq. Ft. With our stove and I can't say enough good about it. At 30 below, it just idles along and keeps the warehouse, shop and home at 74 degrees and burns little to no wood for being in northern Minnesota. Simple design, easy to maintain and almost fun to burn wood! If, there's is an issue, I guarantee you that the factory people do all they can as fast as they can to help in any way they can. I'm not easily impressed, but making the call to them will be a good thing, and not something you don't want to do. Would I buy another one? YES, IN A HEARTBEAT!!!!!!!!!

Rusty McFarland

Park Rapids, MN

Other MF eSeries Reviews

There are very few online posts regarding the MF eSeries on HVAC forums. A homeowner on outdoorwoodfurnaceinfo.com asked for opinions on the unit, but most members knew very little about it. There were mixed reviews on the post about the Heatmaster brand.

MF eSeries Warranty

Product registration is required within 30 days of purchase for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the Heatmaster MF eSeries wood furnace is comprised of the following:

  • Lifetime limited warranty against defects in workmanship and material of the firebox and water jacket, pro-rated after 5 years
  • 5-year warranty on grates and firebox door
  • 1-year warranty against ash pan corrosion
  • 10-year pro-rated warranty on all steel components

Water must be tested and maintained at least once a year to qualify for warranty. Labor and shipping costs are not covered by the warranty.

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