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"Installer Review"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I've seen a lot of comments about proper installation be the main culprit in these boilers failing. Allow me to give you my perspective as an installer going on 30 years. I've been fortunate enough to have been able to grow in my skills as the field has grown. I can remember when these boilers were first introduced to the market and can attest to the problems caused by improper installs. I would roll my eyes hearing other installers talking about throwing these in and forgetting about them. They cannot be installed without a combustion analyzer, either. "Well, it runs." Comments should be a thing of the past. This has lead to numerous problems that are not the manufacturer's fault. If that was all there was to the problems, I'd say buy with confidence. But that is hardly the only problem. HTP has consistently been behind in design upgrades to fix known problems with fixes to earlier products the responsibility of the homeowner. At one point, several employees left the company and started their own, incorporating the upgrades in design that HTP wouldn't use. The models get renamed every time they developed a bad reputation. Munchkins wrote the book on bad design: regularly failing inducer motors (redesigned for the larger btu models but not for the most common m80), control boards that always burned out in the same location, wall hung units that destroyed the inducer fan the minute subzero temperatures were hit outside, gas valves that constantly wandered from the proper tuning position, requiring re-tuning every six months, I could go on. When these first came on the market, they were actually one of the best high-efficiency boilers available. But once outdoor reset became popular, the old, dependable control board was replaced with the 925, and problems ensued. I've already mentioned the burnouts. When fixes to bad programming were finally made to address inducer fan burnout, your hvac guy better have had a laptop and specialty access cord to reprogram the control board. At the time, most didn't. Once they got comfortable in the market, other companies took the edge in advancing the high-efficiency market and HTP was left to play catch up. Most companies use variations on the same parts. Very few make their own heat exchangers, inducer fans, internal circulators, etc. but compare the feedback of other brands to HTP. Compare the high-efficiency bands on the market. They almost all require tuning with a combustion analyzer. They all require attention to water quality, flow rates, annual cleaning, condensate disposal, venting concerns, etc., but they don't have HTP's reputation. Parts availability has dropped off considerably, as many supply houses will no longer carry parts. And as a last thing, be watchful of your installer. A product like a high-efficiency boiler should not be available for an unqualified installer to purchase. When anyone with a truck can walk into Home Depot and buy one of these, it's a recipe for disaster. They will not install any high-efficiency boiler correctly. Our company has been installing high-efficiency boilers for more than 20 years. We have hundreds of trouble free installs that have purred along with only regular maintenance, but none of them were HTP. My most recent brush with HTP's Elite boiler has only confirmed for me that there are better products out there. A design flaw allows acidic condensate to leak onto the boiler interface board and short it out. This board costs $350 and the boiler won't work without it. The "fix" provided on newer boilers is a plastic dam to divert to leaking condensate away from the board. Oh, and they don't send you one when they send you a new board to replace the old one, or even mention it in the install instructions. An unaware tech will be replacing that board again in two years when it springs a leak again. After five years of installing this company's product, I can safely say that we will never install another. Do yourself a favor, do your research, and pick one of the better options out there.

M. Parsons

New York

"Residential Garbage"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Thought HTP would be good brand for residential tankless water heater given its reputation for commercial installs. It actually may have been a decent unit but the distributor and manufacturer were negligent in their support to resolve our problems with our very committed plumber who recommended this unit. We pulled it out finally and installed a competitor given that I could only expect resetting it every time I needed hot water with longer that a 1-2 interval. Htp has forgotten what it like to be on the consumer end of a critical defective product.

Keith Tintle

St George, UT

"Piece of junk"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Htp boilers and furnaces are a total piece of junk. We have owned the thing for 2 years and have had to replace the main motherboard, sensors, and now the wire harness. Supply companies around us have stopped stocking their parts because they don't want to work with this difficult company. Caveat emptor.

Brett Rosenbaum

Boston, MA

"Do not buy from this company, warned."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought two commercial water heater from this company and paid over $17,000 installed. One started leaking after 1 1/2 years into service. Still under warranty, but the first thing they said was we had a hard water problem in our area and that voids the warranty. Apparently they knew that was the problem here because other businesses around my area had the same problem before (but they still sold the system to us anyways), so they didn't even come out to check the problem with the leak. Said we would have to pay to get it inspected. No matter what, "it is our problem" because we had hard water. Now I have to ask, what city or place does not have hard water? They would not warranty but do not hesitate to sell us another system at discount. Luckily I'm not stupid enough to fall for it again and went with another brand instead and it has been fine since. But sure enough, after another year the second HTP water heater leaked as well. So there you have it. That's my first experience with this company and so hopefully nobody else gets hurt like us by writing this review. You've been warned!

Ethan Ngo

San Jose, CA

"Heat Transfer Products Boiler Review"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

I have owned the HTP boiler for 2 years. It is quite and efficient. No problems to date and I have only had 1 service for standard maintenance. I would definitely buy this same brand again and recommend it to a friend. The model series I own is the MC series. I have been told the igniter might need to be replaced around 2 years but so far no issues with mine. This boiler is servicing a 2500 sf home and does it flawlessly. The unit was installed by a local HVAC contractor in only 1 day. The service man only had good things to say about this brand as we'll. I do clean the dust off the boiler every few months and the factory finish still looks great. I believe the cost of this unit is comparable to other boilers of the same quality. You can not hear the boiler running at all from upstairs.

Pittsburgh PA

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