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HTP Munchkin R1 Boiler Overview

Manufactured by Heat Transfer Products Inc. (HTP), the Munchkin R1 is a residential ultra-efficiency boiler offering up to 95.1 percent AFUE. This Energy Star-certified series has five models ranging in heating capacities from 50,000 to 199,000 BTUs.

Available as a wall- or floor-mounted unit, the R1 has a lightweight design geared toward providing easy installation, as well as zero clearance to combustibles. The R1 also offers four different venting options–vertical, unbalanced, sidewall and concentric–for flexible installation and airflow.

Indirect water heater integration, a durable 316L stainless steel heat exchanger and an outdoor reset that detects temperature changes outside and adjusts the interior temperature accordingly are additional features of this unit.

The Munchkin R1 series is a revised version of the HTP Munchkin boiler series.

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Consumer Reviews of HTP Munchkin R1


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  • #3 of 12 HTP Boiler
  • 30% of customers recommended

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HTP Munchkin R1 Boiler Reviews

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"HVAC Sales"

3.0 rating

As a contractor we have installed over 50-Munchkin boilers. For the most part they are reliable and Heat Transfer Products have honored their warranty. The boiler is sensitive to installation. If you don't follow instructions well you should be installing cast iron. We have had a series of leaking heat exchangers. Currently we are installing #4, a 140M, in the same home. Our customer is loosing confidence in us because of this boiler. We have not seen a lot of the problems listed in various sites concerning the Munchkin. Without looking at the individual boilers I would suspect poor installations, not poor product design. I believe our problem with leaking heat exchangers is poor quality control in manufacturing. My $.02


Voorhees, NJ


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have had problems with my munchkin 80m every winter always faulting out for different problems since installed, the main board burnt out twice (maybe a power surge i'm not sure) but I decided to try to repair main board myself instead of paying another 600.00 and it worked, now I got blower problems,so I would like to have any non-working blowers if anyone has one to see if its poss. to repair instead or putting any( more) money into this don't buy boiler

Rob Stahl

Lansing, MI

"Munchkin Nightmare"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Had a Munchkin 199m installed fall 2005 under new construction…have not made it a single season without multiple service calls…multiple f codes…same response as others, plumber indicates Utah only has one mfg rep. Rep won't stand good for warranty always someone else's fault…not suggest to anyone…

Jesse H.

Liberty, Utah


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The Munchkin 199m boiler has presented me with very costly repair expenses since the 3rd year of use. To date, my expenses have amounted to about 20% of the price of the unit 6 years ago (including installation). Many of the specialized internal components are very sensitive and are not made to withstand normal use. Most of the parts that have malfunctioned have been recently redesigned. With exception to the boiler fan (our was replaced under warranty) and the heat exchanger, the parts are not warranted for more than a year. This boiler is very hi-tech and it is very difficult to find knowledgeable or experienced professionals to work on the system. This is my 6th heating season with the unit and it is not working again. I will not be repairing it this time. I will be having a Dunkirk installed next week. I hope I have better luck.

H. Heart

"Cold showers; cold heart"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased a home with the Munchkin T80M boiler / SuperStor water heater combo 2. 4 years ago. I had to replace the blower(under warrenty) within the first 2 months. It has now failed again, along with the water pressure switch; only after I had to replace a return water pump 2 months ago. After this fiasco, I will be into my "munchkin high efficiency heater" over $1200. I miss my old $180 "inefficient" 50 gallon water heater that kept my water warm and my wife happy

Curtis T.

Orem, UT

Other Munchkin R1 (Revision 1) Reviews

Most of the reviews around the web pertaining to the Munchkin R1 revolve around troubleshooting issues. Web forums such as and reflect a wide array of complications homeowners have had with this unit. Ignition failure, water discharge, blower motor replacement and failing components are among the issues posted.

In addition, contractors on note that Munchkin units have had problems in the past with specific components, such as inducers and swirl plates. In order to prevent unexpected repairs or component failure, these contractors advise consumers to ensure their units receive yearly maintenance.

HTP Munchkin R1 (Revision 1) Model Numbers

The Munchkin R1 (Revision 1) is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
140M 92 140000
199M 92 199000
80M 92 80000

Munchkin R1 (Revision 1) Warranty

HTP provides a 3-year warranty for the R1 blower motor and a complete 1-year warranty for any defective parts. Within two to seven years after installation, HTP will replace or repair any part that is defective due to a leaking heat exchanger.

During the eighth through twelfth year of use, HTP will cover only a certain percentage of the cost to repair or replace the defective boiler. The percentage paid varies depending on the age of the unit.

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