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HTP Honeywell Boiler Overview

The Munchkin Honeywell series gas boiler was manufactured by the company Heat Transfer Products (HTP) until 2002. Munchkin boilers occupy a small amount of wall or floor space, and are billed by HTP as “the original high efficiency low mass boiler produced in the United States.” Munchkin Honeywell series boilers were commercial boilers and carried the following model numbers: T50M, T80M, 80M, 140M, 199M and 399M.

The 399M model Munchkin boiler boasts a 93-percent AFUE rating. The unit is constructed of stainless steel, and is reportedly so lightweight it can be installed by one professional. The Munchkin boiler digitally monitors its own operation for efficiency purposes. Honeywell is an original equipment manufacturer for Munchkin boilers, producing such parts as gas valves and heating controls.

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HTP Honeywell Boiler Reviews

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"Very disappointed"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I am very dissatisfied with this MUNCHKIN-80M so called high efficiency boiler. I also purchased it to replace an old one that I wish I would have kept; thinking that this one would save me money in the long run. Well, every year it is something & the last 2 years it's the blower motor, which is not inexpensive to replace on a yearly basis. Not sure if I'm going to have it replaced but I an looking into other options. I know one thing, I would never buy another one!!

Margie B

Dayton, Ky.


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Terrible product that is totally unreliable. Do not buy this piece of junk. It will only cost you money. Mine has been repaired so many times and has displayed so many fault codes that I cannot keep up with them all.

G. Brown

Edmond, Oklahoma

"Coffee grounds"

3.0 rating

I service these units and replaced some under warranty but never sold one. The problems with these units is lack of service and that may mean two service call a year. The biggest issue is cleaning the hx and trap – the coffee grounds that you find in the chamber is the ore coming out of the ss HX(use a magnet to pick it up and see)and this will clog the trap (one of the reasons). These will work well if you get a service person that knows them and is competent. Installation is crucial. I would recommend a electrical tank for back up and try to find a really good technician that can work on them as with pretty much any condensing boiler.

Brian McDougall


"Have had our munchkin for 5 years installed"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Have had our munchkin for 5 years installed by a friend of mine top notch guy 3 rebuilds and 2 new units in the first 3 years than I got one year with no problems (installed a outside boiler so it was only heating my hot water for 5 months a year)now 2 service call in 3 months can't afford a new boiler but can't afford to keep repairing this one. Manufacturer blames install over and over again but now after replacing with different unit it works for a time then problems again and they stopped building them but not standing behind the units.

Henry Peterson

cromwell mn

"Installed 2 Years Ago – No Problems"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Have had the boiler in operation a little over 2 years with an indirect hot water heater. Have had no problems with the boiler but a 2 leaks in the piping the day after the install that they had to fix and I made the installer replace a copper pipe used to drain the condensate to plastic. They told me at the 3 year service they will clean the inside of the unit and at 5 years change a gasket. I have a 5 year parts and labor warranty that was part of a home show special. The installer told me before he installed mine they had put in 20 units. The 1st service checks (I get 4 for free) were just looking over the unit and checking the codensate drain.


Rockland Co NY

Other Honeywell Reviews

A thread on details a discussion between HVAC professionals regarding Munchkin boilers. One installer comments that for the price and performance, he doesn’t understand why anyone would use any other boiler.

A homeowner writes to the experts on to ask about a loud noise that his Munchkin boiler makes when turned on; the unit was previously quiet in operation. After a technician´┐Żs house call, the owner reports that the burner gasket needed replacement, and the unit was again operating quietly. One expert commented that this was a common issue with “those boilers.”

A Munchkin owner asks the forum at for help in locating a qualified installer in rural Illinois. The expert installers suggest calling the company, or looking for someone qualified to install the Peerless Pinnacle, which they say is a similar boiler.

HTP Honeywell Model Numbers

The Honeywell is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
140M 92 140000
199M 92 199000
80M 92 80000

Honeywell Warranty

Munchkin offers a 12-year warranty on the Honeywell series boilers. After the seventh year, the purchaser must pay a percentage of the replacement cost. Labor costs are not covered by the Munchkin warranty. The owner must contact the retailer and provide the original receipt for warranty issues.

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