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Heat Controller GLUA Furnace Overview

Heat Controller GLUA is a group of gas furnace models in the company’s GL series. These furnaces are produced by Comfort-Aire and Century, divisions of Heat Controller. The GLUA series are energy-efficient, with an annualized fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of ninety percent.

The GLUA furnaces are upflow models and feature an induced draft blower. This feature keeps cold air out of the system. The controls have a diagnostic center that alerts owners of any problems and the system is designed for air conditioning or air cleaning readiness.

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Heat Controller GLUA Model Numbers

The GLUA is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
GLUA105-E5A 92 105,000
GLUA120-E5A 93.5 120,000
GLUA120-E5A 93.5 120,000
GLUA45-E3A 93.5 45,000
GLUA45-E3A 93.5 45,000
GLUA60-E3A 92.5 60,000
GLUA60-E3A 92.5 60,000
GLUA75-E3A 92.8 75,000
GLUA75-E3A 92.8 75,000
GLUA75-E3N 92.8 75,000
GLUA75-E4A 92 75,000
GLUA75-E4A 92 75,000
GLUA90-E5A 93.5 90,000
GLUA90-E5A 93.5 90,000

GLUA Warranty

Customers should register their Heat Controller furnace within ninety days of purchase to receive the extended warranty. If the furnace is not registered in this time frame, only the regular warranty applies.

  • Regular limited parts warranty of five years
  • Limited parts warranty extended to twelve years with registration
  • Heat exchangers are warranted for a lifetime for the original owner and twenty years for the subsequent owner

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