Heat Controller Furnaces

Heat Controller Furnaces

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Heat Controller Furnace Overview

Heat Controller manufactures residential and commercial furnaces under the Comfort-Aire and Century name brands. Both brands offer an 80, 92 and 95 percent AFUE gas furnaces and one 80-percent AFUE oil furnace. The company assembles all products in the United States.

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Heat Controller 80% AFUE Furnaces

Heat Controller's base heating series is a single-stage, 80 percent AFUE gas furnace. Standing at only 34 1/2 inches tall, this unit is suitable for installation in tight spots and can be configured for either upflow/horizontal or downflow installation. Heating capacities range from 45,000 BTU/H to 126,000 BTU/H.

Heat Controller 92% AFUE Furnaces

The 92 percent AFUE series operates with two heat exchangers for increased efficiency. These units also are promoted for their quiet operation, thanks in part to a sealed vestibule designed to dampen inducer and burner noise and a sealed door on the blower compartment that helps retain heat and further insulate noise levels.

Heat Controller 95% AFUE Furnaces

Heat Controller offers two series of 95 percent AFUE furnaces. The highest tier product features two-stage heating, while the second series provides single-stage heating. Both units are equipped with primary and secondary heat exchangers for increased efficiency, but the two-stage unit also uses a ECM motor that may provide an additional SEER point when paired with a compatible cooling system.

Heat Controller 80% Oil Furnaces

Heat Controller's 80 percent AFUE oil-burning furnace, known as the Patriot 80, is manufactured in a variety of configurations, including upflow, downflow/horizontal, rear flue and front flue, and a heat-only and heating-cooling combinations. All models can operate at multiple firing ratings, giving the homeowner additional heating options.

Care and Maintenance of Heat Controller Furnaces

In addition to an annual inspection by a licensed HVAC technician, Heat Controller recommends homeowners inspect the unit for visual deteriorations and perform general maintenance regularly. Heat Controller outlines its suggested maintenance schedule in a table found in the individual unit's user manual.


While specific warranty terms vary depending on the unit, all Heat Controller furnaces are equipped with a heat exchanger and limited parts warranty. Warranties must be registered within 90 days of installation to receive full coverage. Extended coverage options are also available.

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