Hawken Energy HE Wood Furnaces

Hawken HE Wood Furnace Overview

The Hawken Energy HE is an outdoor wood furnace with a water capacity ranging from 150 to 368 gallons and a heating capacity ranging from 144,000 to 358,000 maximum BTU. The unit's water jacket completely encircles the structural steel firebox. It has a large wood loading door and an easy access back door, and the furnace is mounted on steel legs which eliminates the need for a concrete pad and helps keep rodents out. An automatic forced draft fan provides faster heat, and a stainless steel chimney cap keeps water out of the furnace while lowering heat loss. The powder coat metal exterior features enhanced green paint with black trim. The 2015 starting price of the HE furnace is $6,495 plus shipping and installation. Financing is available.

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  • #1 of 3 Hawken Wood Furnace
  • 66.67% of customers recommended

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Hawken HE Wood Furnace Reviews

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5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I am very pleased with my Hawken 2100 series. I put it in my new house as I was building it, it heat's my two water heaters, I have radiant floor heat in my masters bedroom and bathroom, and it supplies my two furnaces with hot water for water to air heat changers. I burn green whole wood some split, but not much. I installed the entire system myself it's not hard anyone can do it. My home is 7000 square feet and I heat the entire home with this wood stove, at a temp through the winter months of 75 degrees. It does all this with ease. I did a lot of research before I purchased a stove, and talked to a lot of people. I'm very pleased on my decision in buying Hawken!! When you read about people having trouble with their stoves, most of the time they have not taken care of it and didn't read the manufactures booklet on how to operate the stove. Every stove is different on operating procedures. If you want advice from me make sure you have a nice platform for your stove to set on. It makes a big difference! I am going to build a cover over mine to protect the stove and to keep wood closer this summer. Thanks again Hawken Energy!!!!

C James

Southern Indiana

"I love my Hawken Energy HE-2100"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I purchased my he-2100 back in 2010 and am just starting on my third winter with it. The unit has been great. There have been no problems and no complaints. I'm saving thousands of dollars. My old farm house has a fuel oil furnace. I haven't filled the tanks since I purchased the 2100. In fact, I haven't burned a single drop of fuel oil. I purchase my wood and it's still cheaper than the fuel oil, about half the cost by my estimates. At the time I'm writing this your site places Hawken as #6 on your list. I don't understand why. The unit ranked higher had fewer reviews. I smell a rat. Anyway, Hawken is #1. My neighbors have other brands and every one of them has had troubles. In fact, two of them don't even use their boiler any more because of all the problems they've had.

Peter Williams

Western Michigan

"I am owner of this heating system and I am very satisfied."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

By the way , the brand of my heating system won the Energy Industry Comparison Report's "Top Choice" award in 2007. I 've owned wood furnace since 2007 year I have never repair it, it works quite good. . I am burning red pine and sometimes red pine and oak. The longest burn I have had is about 10 hours. My home is about 2400 sq. Ft. Now that I have the wood boiler going I also am heating the basement space, which adds another 1300 sq. Ft., With half of it crawlspace. I'm just getting used to the thing and playing around with fan speed and different loads. I got 12 hours out of a load last night and it was below zero here. It took me a week or so to have enough faith in it to start stocking it with the unsplit rounds that the manual says to use. I do now and next spring there will be a lot less splitting. When I was getting ready for this winter I wasn't sure what to expect so I have about have my wood split up that didn't have to be. Scott, are you using unsplit rounds? I found it made a difference in burn times, ash buildup and wood consumption. I'd also get some chunks of hardwood in the mix if you can, especially for the overnight burns. I've also turned the fan speed down. I'm working in my office at home now with a window looking at the boiler so I've been able to watch a lot of cycles. I had the fans cranked thinking the sooner I get into gasification mode the better. But it seems to kick in just as quick at a lower speed and I hope I'm not blowing as much heat out the stack. I am very happy with mine. Wood usage has been high but I was just happy to be getting heat out of it and wasn't worried about it at first.

Rossel, NJ

"I LOVE My Hawken"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We've had the Hawken for about six months now and it has taken us comfortably through a tough winter. We have many carpenter and contractor friends from whom we gather their scrap wood to burn. We also have been burning "weed" trees from our acreage that we had cut down and chopped-up over the years and left the wood to season. So basically we're heating our cabin for free. There's really nothing we don't like about it. It is so much more clean than burning wood in our woodstove and it more efficiently heats the entire cabin rather than just the great room where our wood stove it. We're seriously considering removing the wood stove, which would give us more living space. Our Hawken is even cute and, being green in color, blends in nicely on our property behind our cabin. So far it's never needed repair. We'd absolutely buy it again and have told all our friends about it. They're envious that they can't have one (most live in the city), although a few of our suburban- dwelling friends have looked into buying one (but, so far, their nasty homeowner associations don't allow them).

Olympia Peninsula, Washington State

Other HE Reviews

Opinions regarding the HE are mixed, based on comments from online HVAC forums. There are posts on outdoorwoodfurnaceinfo.com from consumers pleased with their units, and there are also posts from homeowners who have many complaints.

HE Warranty

Product registration within 15 days of purchase is required for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the Hawken Energy HE wood furnace is comprised of the following:

  • 20-year warranty against defects in workmanship
  • 20-year firebox warranty against corrosion, pro-rated after the 5th year
  • 1-year warranty on electrical components

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