Hawken Energy HE Wood Furnaces

Hawken HE Wood Furnace Overview

The Hawken Energy HE is an outdoor wood furnace with a water capacity ranging from 150 to 368 gallons and a heating capacity ranging from 144,000 to 358,000 maximum BTU. The unit's water jacket completely encircles the structural steel firebox. It has a large wood loading door and an easy access back door, and the furnace is mounted on steel legs which eliminates the need for a concrete pad and helps keep rodents out. An automatic forced draft fan provides faster heat, and a stainless steel chimney cap keeps water out of the furnace while lowering heat loss. The powder coat metal exterior features enhanced green paint with black trim. The 2015 starting price of the HE furnace is $6,495 plus shipping and installation. Financing is available.

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  • #1 of 3 Hawken Wood Furnace
  • 66.67% of customers recommended

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Hawken HE Wood Furnace Reviews

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"Outdoor wood stove"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

My second outdoor wood stove. Wood consumption is about the same as my last outdoor stove (not a Hawken). The Hawken works fine, I do get some condensation around the loading chute but all in all a good unit. I have had it in operation since 2012 with no component issues.

M. Jepson


"Hawken Woodburner"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Hawken he-1100 installed December 2011. Has been a great furnace absolutely no major problems. Saved a lot of money compared to using our oil boiler. Definitely would recommend to anyone that is interested in installing an outdoor wood burner.

Andrew Keith


"Unit has been great"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I bought this unit and installed it myself in 2008. I was lucky, from what I understand earlier units were not as well made and I had a dealer who was very helpful. I have only had one repair issue that occurred two years after purchase. The power cable that runs from the main unit to the loading door broke one morning when it was about -10'. I hadn't talked to my dealer yet when Hawken sent me a replacement cable with the explanation that many had been breaking and they were sending every customer a replacement. Other than that, 8 years with no problems.

Laird Thompson

West Central Indiana

"Did not stand behind the warranty"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought our Hawken outdoor wood burner 6 years ago for the price of $8000.00. Every year I would send in my water test to see if I needed to add their chemicals to the water. I did not have to add anything until the 6th year, they sent me a paper saying I needed to add them. So I called my distributor that we bought from and bought and added them. That winter the 1/4" metal on the front and the back side of the lip of the entrance to the burner created a leak. After contacting the distributor and him calling Hawken, we had no answer for almost 3 months. After calling time after time, they finally told us that they would not stand behind the warranty because I didn't send in a sample after adding chemicals. And several other lousy excuses (didn't empty the ashes, which I did 3x a month). They even told me to weld it and then they would reinstate the warranty…how bogus is that. They do not stand behind their warranty.

Darrell Poe

Ozark, IL

"Extremely unsatisfied"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased my he-1100 from a local dealer, Aeon. They guaranteed this model would heat my 3000 square foot home and hot water heater. I have burned over 100 cords of wood winter after winter, my house never reaches above 72 degrees. December 2014, I found the firebox full of water. I called Aeon, who could not come up to look at it and did not attempt to contact the company as he promised to. After a month of fuel oil I called Hawkins. I was emailed a form to fill out, along with a detailed request of how I cleaned the furnace and how often, and they wanted pictures, which I did & returned. Waited another month, waiting on a call back from the owner. Finally, 3 months into no outdoor boiler, I received an email stating find a local welder and good luck trying to weld it, as the 20-year warranty is voided due to lack of water samples. The leak is coming from the back, up on the top and is not visible. I have ask for assistance and a layout of this furnace and have not received it. I am very interested in hearing from anyone that has a similar problem, has gone the legal avenue or knows of a class action lawsuit. Hawkins does not stand up to their warranty & their service department is of no help as they just explain they have not had that problem before. The ground thaws in the winter where the lines run from the furnace to the house. These furnaces are not made for the below zero temperatures in Northern New York. Help if anyone can, I would like to hear from you!

Pamela Gmyr

Norfolk, NY

Other HE Reviews

Opinions regarding the HE are mixed, based on comments from online HVAC forums. There are posts on outdoorwoodfurnaceinfo.com from consumers pleased with their units, and there are also posts from homeowners who have many complaints.

HE Warranty

Product registration within 15 days of purchase is required for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the Hawken Energy HE wood furnace is comprised of the following:

  • 20-year warranty against defects in workmanship
  • 20-year firebox warranty against corrosion, pro-rated after the 5th year
  • 1-year warranty on electrical components

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