Hawken Energy GX Wood Furnaces

Hawken GX Wood Furnace Overview

The Hawken Energy GX is a high efficiency, low emission outdoor hydronic wood furnace. The GX has a water capacity ranging from 107 gallons to 351 gallons and a heat capacity ranging from 144,000 maximum BTU to 248,000 maximum BTU. The GX uses Afterburner technology, a secondary burn chamber which allows the furnace to use 40% less wood and reduces emissions by over 90% compared to traditional furnaces, according to the manufacturer. Its large cast iron door is insulated for maximum efficiency and designed for easy loading. Units come in a standard green color but select models are available in a variety of colors, including camo. The 2015 starting price of the GX furnace is $6,489 plus shipping and installation. Financing is available.

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  • #2 of 3 Hawken Wood Furnace
  • 36.84% of customers recommended

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Hawken GX Wood Furnace Reviews

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"Not so Happy"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I would recommend a Hawken Furness to everyone. After heating a house with two fireplaces and carrying wood all day, then listening to my wife complain about the mess all night. The Hawken outdoor Furnace is Heaven sent. Now let's talk about the water lines ran through a 4-inch tile. No way!!! I had a problem the second year with ground water getting into the tile. Running the water lines through tile is like playing Russian Roulette with a loaded gun. My son used a foam insulated tile that works incredibly. Don't use their water line !!!!!

Bill Schirmer


"Worst ever"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Nothing but problems with no solutions or satisfaction. Stove only 6 years old replaced the door twice the second one had to pay out of pocket ($500). Leaks terrible was told wood was too wet, our wood is dried for 2 to 3 years before using. Now leaking water has to add water every 3 or 4 days. No callback or satisfaction from the company and that 20 year guarantee is out the window. Buyer beware this is a horrible company and the steel is sub-par at best rots out go elsewhere.

G Bobb

Sweet Valley, PA

"My GX10 findings"

3.0 rating

I giggled when I read all of the reviews, as I have had all of the same problems and all of the same successes. I bought mine in 2013 and didn't use it until the 14/15 heating season. I have never heated with wood until I bought my house in Maine, the first season was a nightmare, all of the same problems listed in the other reviews with the Hawken customer service being zero, which was tough for this novice burner. But necessity being the mother of invention. We built our own cleaning tools. Learned to clean it once a week. Learned green wood is the arch enemy of the GX10, although in our defense those that sell wood are often dishonest. But when we do have a major, and I do mean major creosote issue, we burn only pallet wood for a few days, that gives it a chance to dry out some and then we are able to get through the tubes, we have also created a tool that will get through that nasty stuff. We also tilted it one inch with the front being up higher by that inch. All of this helped us have a couple of really really good burn seasons, heating our 3500 ft square house comfortably, we also have insulated the attic to r60 and 25% of our walls to R21,(still working on the rest). We also learned to cut and season our own wood, Ha, until this year, I wanted to spend more time on the house, so I opted to buy cut split dry wood, till the end of this season, where they sent me green wood, and we are back to the same old problems. Needing to break out the old tools. The GX10 works great under optimum conditions, anything else causes big problems. Never again will I chance getting green wood. But pallets have been our cure all when we do get into trouble. I hope this helps someone.

D. Vincent

Exeter, ME


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We've had this boiler for about 3 yrs. Now and the virtical tubes are plugged with creosote and won't burn. I wish I would have gone with portage and main boiler.

D Smith

Emmett, MI


5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

It took me two years to get the bugs out of my Hawkin gx 10 but most of the problems I caused. Don't run the boiler when the solenoid is broken. I did what a mess. When cleaning the heat exchanger I use a vacuum cleaner and the drill brush at the same time. The 3/8th electric drill works very. When cleaning the heat tubes place the vacuum rigid pipe into a heat exchange pipe and with the vacuum on push the drill brush into pipe (turn on drill once in pipe) and then push it down as far as you can get it. The vacuum will sucked up all the ash. Reverse the location of the vacuum pipe and the drill brush on the heat exchanger pipe and do it again. There that pipe is clean, now do the same for the rest of them. I also clean the vertical pipes with the drill brush. Start by cleaning the tube furthest from you ( if the boiler is hot you don't want to reach over hot gasses.) Once the brush is spinning push it all the way down until it spins easily pull it out with it still spinning. Be careful when using the drill brush, it is a two handed device – one hand on the drill and other directing the nylon extrusion so it won't loop and snap. It can because I've done it. Clean the ashes/soot out underneath. I won't say to leave to catalyst disk out but it seems to get plugged up a lot. Put the boiler back together and start it up. Make sure the circular pump is piped to a lower outlet and it is pumping towards the house. (My plumber did that) Also if it blows steam out the water fill pipe you have a circular pump problem. I admit I have had more insolation blow in to overhead crawl space, it really help a lot. I only clean my boiler out about 3 or 4 times a season. If you smoke coming out of the door openings when they're closed it's time to clean the boiler. And the last thing I learned was to clean the ashes out every day. You kind of have to remember things wear out, burn out or just stop working for no reason. I bought mine in 2011 and had it running that winter. It is now 2017 it has paid for it's self. Make sure you us a respirator, leather gloves and something cover your eyes.


Waldoboro, ME

Other GX Reviews

There are very few online comments regarding the GX. A consumer on arboristsite.com asked for information about the GX and almost everyone who responded stated that they didn't know much about the unit.

GX Warranty

The warranty for the Hawken Energy GX wood furnace is comprised of the following:

  • 20-year warranty on parts
  • 20-year firebox guarantee against corrosion, pro-rated after the 5th year
  • 1-year warranty on electrical components

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