Harman Pellet Stove Reviews

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"Worst customer service ever! Don't even think of buying one."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

From the moment I got the stove, it was problematic. Every part of it has been replaced and it still doesn't work. Harman could care less and pushes all responsibility onto the dealer, who has fixed it innumerable times only for it to break again. Harman sent a second repair person and promised to replace the stove if it couldn't be fixed. Well, it was never able to be fixed and now Harman refuses to return my calls or take any responsibility for selling me a lemon. Don't even consider buying one – it never worked right from the start and has been an enormous burden for me.

A. Greene

Port Jefferson, NY

"Harman stove"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Have had a problem with the stove feeding to many pellets ever since I started using it I have been told cleaning should fix the problem so I have gone as far as to clean it every day and still the problem persists it is completely useless and plan on replacing as soon as I have time I would recommend not wasting time and money on any Harman products I definitely won't be



"25 yrs plus"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Have had Harman Invincible for 25 yrs. 2 Circulation mtrs.1 Anger mtg. Other than being a pain to clean, which I do at least 4 times a season I have been very satisfied. Would like to think that a new model is built just as well Have had some service calls over the years but that is to be expected for a small unit producing so much localized heat. Never had a central heat system that didn't require at least one or more calls a year. Great service from Kennedy Heating, East Smithfield, Pa. I am convinced that the key for long-range use is frequent cleaning and not letting the stove and chimney dirty to attract moisture during the non heating months.

Robert Nelson

Newark Valley, NY

"No complaints here!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Bought the fireplace insert three years ago and had it professionally installed. They did a great job. I am religious about routine maintenance which I do myself. I also use only premium pellets. The stove has performed as advertised and then some. It looks beautiful in our stone fireplace. No rust or broken or warped parts after three years. We live in New Hampshire and use the stove from mid-October until late April. We burn about 2.5 tons of pellets each year. The stove was a bit expensive but in the end, increased the value of our house. I suspect that many of the complaints I've read here are from people burning cheap pellets, not doing the maintenance or not having the stove professionally installed. I love DIY projects and have done a lot of things to my house, but installing the stove professionally was the best things I could have done to protect my investment. Do the maintenance, read the manual, learn how to operate the stove properly and it will serve you well. I'd buy another Harman in a second over anything else out there.

Daniel Pontbriand

New Hampshire

"Poorly Built Stove"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

Harman is not the pellet stove it claims it is. I bought one about 4 weeks ago and kept it in my garage until the cold snap hit I brought it in the house (newly built house) and hooked it up. The damn thing clanked and rattled smoke filled the house but it was after hours where the dealer I bought it from was closed he was also closed on Monday I guess for Veterans day. On Tue he was open and happily said bring it back and he would exchange it and he did. In the mean time I contacted Harman itself about paying $5000 for a wood pellet stove and it acted like this they did not get back to me until this morning Thursday 5 days after sending an email on their site. Their response to the problem of their stove was it had to have time for the new paint and iron to burn off and as far as the smoke our door was not shut right (how many ways can you shut a door) or something was stuck in the flew blah blah blah blah not one mention about the clanking and rattling of the auger on the inside, (which btw is the problem with these stoves) they weld the top and bottom part of the auger but do not weld the middle (poor design) when you weld that the noise you hear will go away. Read about lousy Harman stoves on youtube. Anyways my new stove is quiet so far and no smoke coming out of it (I guess I got the door shut right this time 🙁 ) Oh one thing with my new stove the xx on the front was turned upside down and my husband had to fix that very poor labor. One last thing the dealer did not even offer to deliver the new one and pick up the old one we had to drive 280 miles round trip the first time and 280 miles yesterday for the exchange and since there was not easy way of handling this stove because all the boxing had been thrown away my husband and I had to lift about a 300-350 lb stove into the back of our truck to take it back. I can not say just how bad of customer service we received from Harman. I cannot tell you enough to stay away and save but if you insist on buying from them even after I told you about my problems with them then it is all on you or you just like throwing money away.

Robert Jones


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