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"Lost a customer"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

So after nine years of use, come to find out the moisture I've been seeing is a leak in the tank. I only have 20 percent warranty left and I paid $13,000 for this thing to find out they want $5,500 more to fix it. Wow Hardy, you have lost a long-term customer after owning 2 stoves of yours. Good luck whoever invests in these.


Logan, OH

"Don�t live up to their guarantee"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased an H4 180k btu Hardy unit in 2001. We use it to heat our house, hot water, and pool. By 2009, it had started leaking and although they advertise a 25 year warranty, they don't live up to it. They charged me $800 in 2009 to send it back for repairs, although it was supposed to be under warranty. It started leaking again last year, and in August 2018, I sent it back again for repairs. Their estimate this time was $4,180 for repairs to a furnace that is supposed to still be under warranty. They claimed the first time that the leaks were due to too much salt in our water and when it was returned, required that the stove be unhooked from our water supply, which we did. I checked with a local hydrologist, who advised that there is no salt in any of our local water. It is leaking again now (same problem) and they want to charge these exorbitant fees for repairs that are supposed to be under warranty. I plan to buy a different outdoor wood furnace from a reputable company that really stands behind their products, not just claims to so they can sell you a furnace then not back it up!

Mike Weaver

Fort Seybert, WV

"Love my Hardy"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Bought the Hardy H2 about 10 years ago to heat the house, which is about 2,500 square feet; and the little wifey's salon too, its about 450 square feet. Plus it heats all hot water for the house and salon. We also have tied in to a pool heater. It all works great. Started fire in it about 10 years ago and it has been going non stop since, year around. Have 3 kids still at home, wife runs dish washer, laundry, and kids take showers forever. Never have run out of hot water. Have replaced fan motor twice and pop off valve once. Love the wood mess outside. Have seen snow on top of it in winter. I burn any thing in it, if it will fit through the door. 12-hour burn time during the coldest day of winter. It does consume wood when heating pool up in early spring. That's a lot of water. It takes 2 days to heat the pool to 90 degrees in late April. I love my dealer Bever, had a problm with them. Would definitely buy one again. Best investment ever.

Rob corf

Hale, MO

"LC-500 Wood Furnace"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We have over thirty years of experience using wood burning furnaces. We decided to change brands due to the physical footprint. The lc-500 is much smaller than our previous brand. The furnace is in it's 5th week of use. So far experienced the following problems. 1) Hot water pump failed. 2) Automatic water fill solenoid failed (fails to turn off water) 3) Seal around fire door coming apart. No response from the dealer or manufacturer. Based on the problems listed and the responses, I would not recommend this product or brand.


"Great Heat for a Great Price"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Me wife and I purchased a Hardy outdoor wood stove about 2 years ago. The local town we live in adds adds on a pretty large fee to the Ameren bills, adding almost 35 cents per kilowatt hour, making our heating bill very high. We purchased the Hardy unit to offset that cost in the winter time. The only thing we really do not like about it is having to go outside to load the wood, but if you really load it up and keep it choked down, it burns for a very long time. The heat it provides is amazing. It is similar to that feeling you get sitting next to a wood burning stove that almost puts you to sleep, but you do not have the issue of the air being so dry that a wood stove often brings with it. It has cut the cost of our electric bill in the winter by over half. We have done no repairs to the unit in the close to two years we have owned it and we have recommended it to all of our friends that are looking to either control their heating bill, or go with a alternate heating source. It is really a amazing investment we made in our home by adding this stove to it. I would buy the Hardy stove again in a minute.

Desloge, Mo

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