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Haier Brand Overview

Haier Manufacturer Overview

Haier sells a wide variety of home appliances around the world. They’re known globally for products like refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers and washing machines as well as air conditioners, furnaces and heat pumps.

Corporate History

Haier Industries started in China as a refrigerator factory and entered the US market in 1999 selling compact refrigerators and wine cellars. Their corporate office is based in Qingdao, China, and they have a headquarters in New York. The company has 77,000 employees worldwide. In the last 15 years, they’ve purchased some of the most recognizable appliance brands like Maytag, Fisher and Paykel and GE Appliances.

Haier Product Lines

Although Haier started as a refrigerator manufacturer, their air conditioners and furnaces are some of the most popular on the market. Haier makes its products with a focus on design and cooling ability. Here’s a closer look at their HVAC product line.

Haier Air Conditioners

There are two types of Haier air conditioners:

  • Portable ACs that can be rolled into any room in the house.
  • Window air conditioners that must be mounted on a window.

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Haier portable air conditioners


MSRP: $629

Their top of the line portable air conditioner, the 13,500 BTU unit can cool and heat a large room up to 600 square feet. It has a built-in dehumidifier to keep mold and mildew under control. Three cooling settings and three fan settings can adjust the comfort of a room efficiently and can be commanded with a remote control. All Haier portable ACs come with a one-year warranty. The HPND14XCT, MSRP $589, is the cooling-only version.


MSRP: $499

This AC and heater produces 12,000 BTU of cold air and 11,000 BTU of heat to cover a room of 500 sq. ft. It has a 24-hour timer so you can set when it runs. The HPC12XCR, MSRP of $469, is the cooling-only version.


MSRP: $349

This unit is designed for average-sized spaces. 10,000 BTUs can cool rooms up to 250 Sq. Ft. Like all Haier models, it also dehumidifies. It comes with a reusable, washable mesh filter, so you save on replacement filters.


MSRP: $329

This compact model is designed for small spaces. Its 8,000 BTUs cools, circulates and dehumidifies the smaller rooms in your home.

Reviews by Series

Haier window ACs

Haier sells 17 window air conditioners for every size room. 14 of the 17 window air conditioners are ENERGY STAR Certified. All units have three fan and cooling settings, a remote control and come with a window installation kit. One feature of certain Haier air-conditioner units is their WiFi connectivity, so you can control your AC from your smartphone or by Google Assistant or Alexa. All come with a one-year warranty. Here are four of the most popular.


MSRP: $729

The most powerful of the window units with 23500 BTUs of cooling power. The unit comes with built-in WiFi connectivity and is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant. 26.25” wide and 141 pounds.


MSRP: $639

With many of the same features as the 24DX, the main differences in this unit are its lower price point and smaller number of BTUs – 18000.


MSRP: $469

This unit produces 11,600 BTUs and comes in a smaller size of 20.125” wide and 78 pounds. It features three fan/cooling speeds and WiFi connectivity.


MSRP: $229

The smallest of the ENERGY STAR models, this unit measures 18.5” wide and 49 pounds. While it does not have WiFi connectivity, it does include an electronic digital thermostat with remote.

Haier furnaces

Haier offers a furnace line for professional installation. Pricing and purchase is available through your local HVAC dealer. There are two gas models in the line:


Offering powerful heating between 54k and 108k BTUs through a multi-speed motor while also hitting an incredibly efficient 95% AFUE, this model is the best choice for cold U.S. climates. It’s available for upflow, downflow and horizontal installation and complies with California NOX requirements. It comes with a 10-Year Limited Warranty on parts and a Lifetime Limited Warranty on the heat exchanger.


The HG80 series ranges between 35k to 135k BTUs and come in at 80% AFUE. This model is less expensive and best for milder climates. Construction is similar to the HG95 and can also be installed in three positions. The HG80 has the same limited parts warranty and a 20 Year Limited Warranty on the heat exchanger.

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Haier heat pumps

Haier manufactures heat pumps using two types of refrigerant:

  • R410A environmentally-friendly refrigerant
  • Freon, known as R22

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is phasing out freon by January 2020 so look for R410A refrigerant models.

There are four heat pumps available using R410A. They’re all fitted with a scroll compressor and achieve a SEER rating of 14 and an HSPF of 8.0. The main difference is their BTU capacity between 24,000 and 60,000. They can all be installed for horizontal or downflow. Haier Heat pump reviews mention the 10-year limited compressor warranty and 10-year limited parts warranty.

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Haier Air Conditioner Reviews by Series

Besides technical specs, learn more about Haier products by reading Haier air conditioner reviews. Customer reviews can provide insight into how the product functions and what issues may be common according to the product or model. You can read Haier heat pump reviews on FurnaceCompare.com to learn more before you buy.

Energy Efficiency

Haier won KKR’s first Eco-Innovation Award for the company’s successful research and development into energy-saving air conditioning units that utilize the latest technology to reduce electricity use. They’ve also won the global “Inverter Air Conditioner Energy-saving Pioneer Award,” the highest prize for air conditioners.

14 of 17 Haier window-mounted air conditioning units are ENERGY STAR certified. Their best-selling furnace line, the HG95, heats a home at a highly-efficient 95% AFUE.

Haier Warranties

All Haier heating units and air conditioners come with a warranty. It varies depending on the product. You can find warranty information in each Haier product manual.

  • Portable ACs – one-year warranty
  • Window ACs – one-year warranty
  • Split or Ductless ACs – five-year limited parts and seven years for compressor
  • Gas Furnaces – 10-Year Limited Warranty and 20 Year or Lifetime Limited Warranty on the heat exchanger, depending on the model
  • Heat Pumps – 10-year limited compressor warranty and a 10-year limited parts warranty

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