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"Goodman is really a"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We replaced our central heat & air unit that had been in our home for approximately 15 years with a Goodman unit. Big mistake! We have had nothing but trouble from it! We have to call the guy who put it in every time the season changes to fix it. He told us there were some duds that Goodman had about the time he sold us ours. Lucky us! If they know this why not stand behind your product and fix or replace them! Now our unit just sits and runs and the house is freezing! Time to call for Repair again!!! I have learned 2 things from this, never buy your HVAC from a good friends family and never buy a Goodman HVAC!!!


"I'm happy with mine."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I had a Goodman installed in one of my rental properties about 7 years ago. The previous heat pump went through 2 compressors so I decided to get an entire new unit. This Goodman unit has been running like a champ every since. I went with Goodman because of the price. I had it shipped there and contracted with a local HVAC to have it installed. Total cost then was less than $3000 installed. I was happy with that. Since then I have had two service calls each of which was less than $150. So spending an additional $300 over a 7 year period makes good financial sense to me.

A. Vlasi

Charlotte, NC

"Goodman Is Garbage!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My unit went out seven times the first year it was installed. The first time was within 30 days. I would come home in the dead of winter and find it had gone out again. It went out many times but one time is memorable. While I was at work, it malfunctioned and released some oily substance all over the inside of my house. It looked like everything had been sprayed with Pam cooking spray. I've had service runs three times in the last year and now they tell me it has leaked every drop of Freon out. The cost is $85 per unit and I need ten. I'm done repairing the trash! Can't wait to see the brand off my property!

S. Akers

Bardstown, KY

"Not Working"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My system is less than 4 years old. Been worked on 4 times. Keeps losing freon. Don't know why or why its not covered under warranty and if it's a sealed system. Anyone got any answers? Why do I have to keep paying when I thought it has automatic 5 year warranty?

Timothy Simmons

Sutton, WV

"Non-existent Customer Service"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

Bought in June. Installed. Ac worked well. Got into fall had a couple of cool days. Heat worked. Back to warm days and cooling. Then in November, December cool days in East TX. No heat. Went online to submit request for warranty work, three times, no reply. Now unit is dead. So 5-6 months use. There is no 10 year warranty. After registering only get a 5 year warranty. Which does no good as they do not reply.

Duane Stuart

Mt. Vernon, TX

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