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Goodman GSH14 Heat Pump Overview

The Goodman GSH14 heat pump is a discontinued split system heat pump that is still carried by some HVAC dealers (this model was included in Goodman’s literature as late as 2010, but is not on their current list of residential products). The GSH14 can achieve a SEER as high as 15, and an HSPF rating as high as 8.3. Goodman currently supplies a similar model, the GSZ14 high-efficiency heat pump. The GSH14 uses R-22 refrigerant, which is more commonly known as Freon. According to information from the manufacturer, the unit features a high-efficiency scroll compressor and Goodman’s best quiet-operation design. The GSH14 was designed for easy installation and service access.

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Goodman GSH14 Heat Pump Reviews

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"Had an issue with the Goodman thermostat"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We bought our new house in December 2007 and had an issue with the Goodman thermostat before we even moved in. The house was freezing every time we went to look at the progress. The builder had the furnace/ac installer to the house at least five times before they finally realized that the thermostat computer panel was faulty. (The installer would put in a new fuse and soon after they left, the fuse would blow again) Last week my ac stopped working. After a $93 charge to access the problem, the "free" compressor was installed and I was charged $610 in labor and freon charges. After reading all the complaints, I see that this is not an isolated problem. How can this company still be in business? How do you file a class action suit?




1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Goodman Manufacturing, Hello my name is Amanda I live in Waxahachie,Texas I built my home in 2008 and put three Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating unit on my home Sold to us By Mark Fanning Prestige Ac 817-819-6513 . On my main air I have replace coils 7 times and 3 compressor and many other things on the unit from the first day we moved in . And today it has been 5 days with no air in this 102 degree weather and the compressor is out again. We have had a service man out here 8 times this month trying to get it fix. I was told that I to talk to a Ken Meral at 214-498-3912 for he to ok and work on this unti. As of June 29,2010 he well not call us or touch base with us on anything and we don't understand why when you are a big company. I have been out $2000. to $3000. a year on this unit. As of right now this year I have been out $1013.85 of our pocket. I have talk to a lady at Ext. 5862 in your company and she has not gotten back with us. I was told last night at 4:45pm by the service man name Carl at 817-295-6519 that your Goodman Air would replace my unit with a smaller one and I would have too pay $1100.00 for it because you longer make a 5 ton 15 sheer unit. I find this hard to believe when I look on your web site and it shows it. The living space that we have to cool is 3750sq feet. I have talk to the BBB my case I feel where getting the run around and we need someone to help us. The money is not the problem I just need a unit that well work and someone to give us some answer please. I'm a stay home wife so if you read this and would like to talk to us about this please feel free to call us. Thanks Amanda

Amanda Ott


"Goodman sucks"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I installed a Goodman heat pump and gas furnace 4 1/2 years ago. Not one year has gone by that I have not had service on the heat pump. The parts have been covered but I have spent over $3000 for labor, freon, and supplies. I contacted customer service and they have the worst customer service dept. I finally contacted the Houston Better Business Bureau. Goodman responded with an offer of some monetary help but I am still working through the offer.

C Magner

Kansas City

"Goodman sucks"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have replaced all major parts of this unit: Compressor, coil, reversing valve, capacitor. Stay away from Goodman. Their customer service also sucks. I am a construction professional.

C Magner

Kansas City


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Have had 5 ton unit 3 years, has been repaired every spring for not cooling, 4 different repairs, and still down.

R, Petrey

corbin KY

Other GSH14 Reviews

A Goodman owner writes on that, overall, he is pleased with his GSH14 heat pump�but its filter design was less than ideal. He mentions that the way the filter was installed seemed inadequate, so he reinstalled it in a better fashion. Another Goodman owner also mentions the poor filter design on the website.

A homeowner and several HVAC contractors compare Goodman and Trane heat pumps on Goodman is generally viewed as a relatively inexpensive product, compared to other brands, but several of the experts on this site feel its quality is just as good as other brands. The contractors stress that proper installation is the key to customer satisfaction with any brand of heat pump. reveals a discussion of 13 versus 14 SEER heat pumps. Goodman is one of the brands mentioned in the conversation. Many of the experts feel that a higher-level SEER heat pump, such as the GSH14, will bring increased savings and efficiency. Others advise against spending the extra money for the higher SEER unit if the homeowner will not be in the home very long or if he or she lives in a cool area.

Goodman GSH14 Model Numbers

The GSH14 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER / HSPF BTUs per Hour
GSH140241A* 14 / 8.4 0
GSH140301A* 14 / 8.5 0

GSH14 Warranty

The Goodman GSH14 comes with a limited parts warranty for 10 years, providing the owner registers the heat pump online within 60 days of installation. If the owner does not register the product, the warranty is reduced to five years.

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