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Goodman GSH13 Heat Pump Overview

The GSH13 heat pump is a basic model, with efficiency ratings of 13 SEER and 7.7 HSPF (for cooling and heating, respectively). Different versions of this model have cooling capacities of between 1.5 and 5 tons – that is, between 17,600 BTU/h and 55,500 BTH/h. Heating capacity ranges from 16,800 to 55,500 BTU/h. Noise levels fall between 71 and 77 dB. At this time, the GSH13 seems to be the lowest-rated and least expensive of the heat pumps manufactured by Goodman.

The GSH13 uses R-22 coolant. This is an older kind of coolant, more commonly known by the brand name Freon, that can damage the ozone layer.

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Consumer Reviews of Goodman GSH13


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  • #7 of 16 Goodman Heat Pump
  • 18.18% of customers recommended

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Goodman GSH13 Heat Pump Reviews

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2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

Have been trying for 3 months to get an extended warranty issue fixed.

L johnson

"Good System"

3.0 rating

We put in many Goodman heat pumps with very little problems in Central Florida. We also install other brands, fact is they are machines, they will break down doesn't matter what brand. That's why manufacturers offer extended warranties which will cover parts and labor. Recommend them on any new system best will cover for 10 years parts and labor. Doesn't matter what system it's going to last 10 years average life span in Florida is 10 to 12 years may be the contractors should have offered them.

Thomas fox

Central fl

"Heat reverser valve"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

12 months after installation of 3-ton unit when we switched to heat the pump would make a loud squealing sound that would wake up the dead. Tech came out and said reverser valve was bad and replaced part under warranty but charged for labor which was costly. Worked for one month and now doing the same thing. Company has since closed due to retirement and am having problem finding service to repair. Other that that unit cools well and heats well when not squealing loud enough to wake up neighbor,so unable to use heat.


"Great unit"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

This 2.5 ton 13 seer unit has been trouble free for 4 years! I think the reason for most of the dissatisfaction is with the install and follow- up maintenance… these units all use the same basic parts copeland compressors and other name brand components.. the key is proper installation and knowledgeable techs. I believe Goodman has very relaxed sales policies and will sell to any fly by nite outfit that walks thru the door, That is my opinion, and probably their only fault. their units are Good.

D. Lobert

Central Michigan

"GSH130361AD, ARUF363616BA"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The unit is now 4 years old and has gone out. The Evaporator coil is leaking. When installed by our local rep here the unit cut off after 3 months service, the drain line was stopped up which caused it to shutdown. When they removed the cover the coil was rusted and I complained about the excessive rust. They told me they would support it for 10 years. No worries they told me. Well now it has gone bad and they gave charged me $215.00 to come out and check it and want another $625.00 to $800.00 labor but the part is covered by warranty, yea right! I didn't get anywhere calling Goodman so don't waste your time. They are even telling me that they never received my registration for the 10 year warranty. This is almost funny. Since they have so many bad reviews I'm sure they didn't get it, if you know what I mean, do yourself a favor do not have one put in. You will be sorry.

D. Darsey

Perry, Georgia

Other GSH13 Reviews

A homeowner who has a GSH13 heat pump complains on that it’s really noisy; some commenting on the post point out that the noise might be due to bad installation. Other users of the site generally do not recommend the GSH13, preferring almost any other brand. They complain that the GSH13 is noisy and inefficient, and that it breaks down frequently.

Users on and also report problems with the GSH13 breaking down, citing a variety of inexplicable errors and malfunctions.

A customer on complains that the GSH13 causes an unusually high electric bill.

Goodman GSH13 Model Numbers

The GSH13 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER / HSPF BTUs per Hour
GSH130181A* 13 / 7.7 0
GSH130241A* 13 / 7.7 0
GSH130301A* 13 / 7.7 0
GSH130301B* 13 / 7.7 0
GSH130361A* 13 / 8 0
GSH130421A* 13 / 8 0
GSH130481A* 13 / 8.2 0
GSH130484A* 13 / 8.2 0

GSH13 Warranty

The GSH13 comes with a 5-year limited parts warranty. The warranty only applies in the location where the unit is first installed. It entitles the holder to a replacement for broken parts, but not labor for installing the replacement. The owner must also return the defective component to Goodman. The warranty becomes invalid in the case of disasters (such as floods and fires) and faulty repairs. Goodman will not replace parts for units installed outside of the United States or Canada. Be sure to register your air conditioner with Goodman to claim the standard warranty.

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