Goodman GPH15M Heat Pumps

Goodman GPH15M Heat Pump Overview

Goodman’s GPH15M heat pump is a multi-position packaged heat pump with an efficiency rating of up to 15 SEER and up to 8.0 HSPF. The self-contained unit can be installed on the rooftop or on the ground and is available in two sizes.

The manufacturer highlights the fact that its GPH15M heat pump features a high-efficiency compressor with an internal relief valve. The compressor operates with a high-efficiency coil made of refrigeration-grade copper tubing and aluminum fins. The unit also features an EEM (X-13) blower motor; Goodman reports that it insulated the blower compartment to keep the heat pump’s operation quiet. The unit’s heavy-gauge galvanized-steel cabinet with its gray powder-paint finish was created with corrosion-resistance in mind.

The GPH15M heat pump uses R-410A (better known as Puron) chlorine-free refrigerant.

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  • 6.25% of customers recommended

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Goodman GPH15M Heat Pump Reviews

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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I just read some of the reviews on Carrier, Ruud & Rheem. I would be jumping through hoops if my 2 1/2 year old Goodman gph1548 still under warranty had only had twice the problems as the most unsatisfied of them. I am starting the 4th week with no AC in the hottest June I can remember. Unit needs an indoor coil they have but refuse to ship until they have a $25000 order to this area. Now, it needs a compressor also. Compressor for this unit doesn't exist. ETA for a compressor that would have to rigged up (unpaid labor) to work was yet a few more weeks. The first two winters I had to use space heaters and heat strips. Third winter, unit worked just enough that the heat strips carried us but quit as soon as AC was turned on due to Low R410. Anyway, 2 1/2 years 3 compressors, 3 reversing valves, 2 expansion valves, 1 total unit replacement, 1 indoor coil,$1000+ out of my pocket, untold amount out of my contractors. No response from Goodman to my letters, the still under warranty GPH1548 is now setting in a field behind the barn. Ruud, Carrier or Rheem will be installed tomorrow then to the court house to file suit.


Other GPH15M Reviews

Consumers who bought the Goodman GPH15M cite its economical price tag, compared

to competitors such as Carrier and Trane, as a major motivation in their purchasing

decision. Reviewers on note that the manufacturer�s reputation for quality

has continued to improve in recent years, and point out that with proper installation and

regular maintenance, the Goodman GPH15M should run successfully for years. At least

one professional HVAC installer on the website remarked that he was fully satisfied with

his own GPH15M heat pump�s performance.

Consumer reviewers also responded positively to the heat pump�s 10-year limited


Goodman GPH15M Model Numbers

The GPH15M is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER / HSPF BTUs per Hour
GPH1524M41* 15 / 8 0
GPH1536M41* 15 / 8 0
GPH1560M41* 14 / 8 0

GPH15M Warranty

Goodman provides a 10-year limited warranty for all parts for its GPH15M heat pump.

The homeowner redeeming the warranty must own the single-family house in which

the unit was originally installed. In addition, the unit must have been registered online

with the manufacturer within 60 days of its original installation. In instances where these

conditions are not met, the heat pump�s parts still are warranted for five years from the

date of installation.

In some locations, dealers can offer GoodCare, Goodman�s extended service plan

covering the parts and labor for the heat pump�s installation.

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