Goodman GPH15M Heat Pumps

Goodman GPH15M Heat Pump Overview

Goodman’s GPH15M heat pump is a multi-position packaged heat pump with an efficiency rating of up to 15 SEER and up to 8.0 HSPF. The self-contained unit can be installed on the rooftop or on the ground and is available in two sizes.

The manufacturer highlights the fact that its GPH15M heat pump features a high-efficiency compressor with an internal relief valve. The compressor operates with a high-efficiency coil made of refrigeration-grade copper tubing and aluminum fins. The unit also features an EEM (X-13) blower motor; Goodman reports that it insulated the blower compartment to keep the heat pump’s operation quiet. The unit’s heavy-gauge galvanized-steel cabinet with its gray powder-paint finish was created with corrosion-resistance in mind.

The GPH15M heat pump uses R-410A (better known as Puron) chlorine-free refrigerant.

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Consumer Reviews of Goodman GPH15M


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  • #10 of 16 Goodman Heat Pump
  • 6.25% of customers recommended

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Goodman GPH15M Heat Pump Reviews

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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I'm in tn. Its the winter of 2018. I had to have a new unit installed in 11/3/2010 with a heat pump instead of split unit. I use to be in the plbg. business until a injury finally put me out of commission. So I became friends with a lot of hvac friends and have stayed in contact with several. Well to the point like I mentioned I had a new goodman heat pump installed costing just shy of $8000.00. well figuring that would be a good investment. But was I wrong since installed i'm on the third coil replacement/2nd fan motor replaced and another blower motor replaced & 3 condensers. So now i'm told I have to use the emergency heat for 2 to 3 weeks before I cant get another coil the supply hose says theirs not one available. I will never spend another dime on a goodman product if the durability is not that dependable. I want write what some of my hvac. Friends said. I will just say it wasn't good considering most of them I will say. They said they have installed cheaper units in homes etc. that haven't had that many issue's with 10-15 year old units. I have it serviced yearly.oh before I go the heat strip on a 32 degree nite blows out a 60 degree air. Measured temp with infrared temp guage. Can't wait to get electric opinion you better shop around. But lastly service man still swears on goodman and says he will put in request from goodman representative to see if he can get a reimbursement of bill amount…….. But not going to hold my breath.

Ricky Jones


"Nothing but problems"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought this product in 2011. Since our installation of the unit, we have had the following issues with the unit: 1. Leak in the copper piping (spot welding had to be done) draining my coolant/Freon. Warranty covered the parts & labor but we had to pay for the Freon – that was not cheap! This leak was within a month of installation. 2. The computer mother board blew. 3. The anti-frost switch fell apart and had to be replaced. When I say fell apart, I mean literally, it separated from the mounting bracket and was laying on the bottom of the unit in a pool of water. Everything was frozen over! 4. Thermostat had to be replaced. The unit would not turn off and just kept running. The thermostat would not turn off even if you hit the "OFF" button. I had to turn the unit off at the fuse box to stop it. 5. Copper coils rubbed together draining all my coolant. Now the technician has to cut the copper piping and weld it back together. Every year I have had to pay out of pocket for some sort of part breaking or going bad. I paid good money (a few grand) to purchase such a piece of junk and each year have a technician come to my house to fix this damn thing. Everything that has gone wrong has to do with how the unit was designed and built. I have a small electric heat/air unit for my upstairs by another company other than Goodman. That unit was installed in 2001 and it still runs! Once a year, I have to call a technician out to fill the Freon. Just refilling the Freon each year vs. purchasing another unit would take ten years to equal the cost of replacing it. I don't know the name of the company who made it because it is so old and all the data decals/plates are missing.



"Bad experience"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Just found out that this model that we had installed in February 2009 has had a lot of problems. We have had 3 compressors, 2 or 3 coils, 3 pans, 2 drain lines and today had to have the fan replaced, the blades were cracked. It has been a continuous problem, summer and winter. Have paid about $1200 for service calls and Freon. Hopefully Goodman will replace this model with a better one.

Pam Meyer

Whitesburg, GA

"Worst air conditioning on market"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have experience so many problems with this unit I can't list them all. Do not, and I repeat, do not buy this air conditioner. Better yet don't buy anything with the Goodman label. The company does not care about the customer after they get there money.

Kristy Ambrosio

Washington, North Carolina

"Replacing After 5 Years, Way Too Many Problems"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This unit which was supposed to be the latest and greatest efficiency, etc. has been nothing but problems from the get-go. It is now at just over 5 years old out of warranty because our dealer, Atlantic Heating & Air from Moncks Corner neglected to register the unit or let us know that we could register it. We have replaced the compressor the first year, relays, and/or switches, the coil just this past May and now the coil is yet again shot. Just 6 months later and it is now out of warranty. Nope, not going to pay over 2000 dollars for a part that likely won't last and the unit is not in warranty any longer that we should have had 5 more years on. We have had to call repair at least 2 times a year over the past 5 years. Enough already, it is junk!!

Jeanne Pedersen

Summerville, SC

Other GPH15M Reviews

Consumers who bought the Goodman GPH15M cite its economical price tag, compared

to competitors such as Carrier and Trane, as a major motivation in their purchasing

decision. Reviewers on note that the manufacturer�s reputation for quality

has continued to improve in recent years, and point out that with proper installation and

regular maintenance, the Goodman GPH15M should run successfully for years. At least

one professional HVAC installer on the website remarked that he was fully satisfied with

his own GPH15M heat pump�s performance.

Consumer reviewers also responded positively to the heat pump�s 10-year limited


Goodman GPH15M Model Numbers

The GPH15M is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER / HSPF BTUs per Hour
GPH1524M41* 15 / 8 0
GPH1536M41* 15 / 8 0
GPH1560M41* 14 / 8 0

GPH15M Warranty

Goodman provides a 10-year limited warranty for all parts for its GPH15M heat pump.

The homeowner redeeming the warranty must own the single-family house in which

the unit was originally installed. In addition, the unit must have been registered online

with the manufacturer within 60 days of its original installation. In instances where these

conditions are not met, the heat pump�s parts still are warranted for five years from the

date of installation.

In some locations, dealers can offer GoodCare, Goodman�s extended service plan

covering the parts and labor for the heat pump�s installation.

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