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"Beyond unsatisfied"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Have you ever been so outraged after an exercise in futility that you had to cast about for an adequate term to describe your haze of disbelief? Do not believe the rave reviews for Goodman's energy efficient furnace/air conditioning units. Unfortunately I must settle for using all caps and posting to an online review tool, since Goodman (the company) is not interested in even attempting to assist in this situation. So, the facts…Installation of both systems in 2010, initial malfunction of A/C in 2011, 2nd malfunction of A/C in 2013. Initial malfunction of furnace in 2011, 2nd malfunction in January, 2016. For those who may be unaware, January in Ohio is not pleasant without an operating unit. I am unfortunately 4 days outside of the warranty provided by Goodman…anyone surprised? When I phoned consumer relations with Goodman I was informed repeatedly the equipment was out of warranty, oddly enough. After having the above listed problems (should I mention the A/C would consistently crap and die during the summer months?), I should not be surprised. So, buyer beware. Oddly enough I had a Bryant system for 20 years before it crapped out and died. In the age of the customer is always wrong I can only warn anyone taking the time to do comparison research, stay away from Goodman.

A. D.

Columbus, OH

"Fantastic Upgrade!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Our old furnace had not yet broken down, but was in its twenty first year of service. It was an American Standard, and while I'm sure it was a good piece of equipment at the time, it was sorely outdated. Since we had the HVAC company out to replace a completely broken down AC condenser, we decided to replace the entire system. We could not be happier! We've now had the furnace for about eight months, and the performance has been great. We've seen savings in both our electricity bill and gas bill. The variable speed motor is quiet and circulates the conditioned air with no troubles. The air quality of the entire home has improved by at least double. So far, we don't have anything to dislike about this Goodman furnace. I've seen that the Goodman brand gets a bad rap. So far, I've come to the conclusion that the quality of the installation has much to do with the performance of the final product. The negative reviews I've read regarding Goodman products were installed by companies which also had bad reviews regarding the quality of their work. The folks who installed this furnace have been working for me on and off for the past ten years, a local company with people I've come to know personally. They did a top notch job, and the furnace is operating at peak efficiency. I would easily recommend this furnace to anyone in need, and more importantly, suggest they use a well established HVAC company to install it. It makes all the difference in the world. This furnace is backed by a ten year warranty, serviced by the company that installed the furnace in the first place. My contractor tells me that he rarely gets calls to perform warranty service on these units, probably not only because the unit seems well built, but also because he takes great care to insure their proper installation. Goodman: the cheapest high quality equipment you can find!

Naperville, IL

"A bad experience"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Had a new Goodman furnace installed in 2012. The person that installed it was back at least 30 times in a 3 year period. I finally got fed up and called another company and had a different brand installed. Had it 20 months now has not missed a beat. John A. Connor, Titusville, PA 16354.

John a connor

Titusville, PA

"Horrible system and service"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

New construction and trouble from day one. Installer/service person is unreliable when called for noise issues (banging) and now leaks. 15 months old and I found water seeping out and puddling along the bottom of furnace. Service person "clamped everything" and water still seeps out. An email to Goodman resulted in a return email from consumer affairs asking me to call them. Kid on the phone was clueless, kept telling me to go back to the web site. My previous home had a Bryant Plus 90 furnace, 20 years old when I moved and never a problem.

J Kos

Mechicville, NY

"Dissatisfaction of installer & Goodman furnace"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This furnace required 2 parts replaced in 1 year. Both times the installer's phone bank was full, requiring me to hire technicians. The 1st one demanded cash, the 2nd Kyle Mann, was great, & saw problems immediately. He took a cheque, gave a receipt, & was professional. I am out almost $1,000 for what is under warranty. Both times phone lines were full. I am going after my money!

Roberta Knight

Newcastle, Ontario

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