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"Horrible Furnace – Don't buy"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We have a unit from 2010 – Piece of Crap. Spend your money of something else. 6-7 year old unit not in the dumpster. Buyer Beware!

Emily Moser

Tinley Park, IL

"Piece of crap"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Replaced our almost 30 year old unit in September 2013, which was not a Goodman, with this brand big mistake,they may offer a 10 year warranty, but have seen the repairman in July for air conditioner blower went out, in December for flame sensor issue and 2 months later in February 2017 for igniter, flame sensor and some switch, not to mention the previous years issues. Do not purchase they will dollar you to death with service calls and sensor cleaning needs to be in the junk metal scrap pile.


Ponca City, OK

"Stay away from this furnace"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

8 year old furnaces always breaking down. Tons of money spent to fix. Still broken, not very happy. This is ridicules. I have no heat and it is 20 degrees out. I have 2 furnaces continual problems with both.

k mann

Cranston, RI

"As good if not better than others"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

My furnace and ac system were installed in 2006 and I have done some basic cleaning and changed filters so far and have never even had a serviceman do his recommended maintenance thing or had a problem until the fall of 2016. It has always worked great until this fall when it did not perform consistently. No internal parts have even been cleaned or replaced until this problem occurred. It had failed to start after its 3 initial attempts. I then replaced the circuit board which appeared to clear the intermittent problem for a while but the problem still did not disappear entirely until I replaced the thermostat with a different make and model. Apparently it was no longer working in a compatible and reliable manner with the furnace board and had me fooled into thinking it was the furnace acting up. I will eventually reinstall the original board again just to test it to see if it needs to be discarded or still kept as a spare part now that it is running great again. While doing this I had discovered it also was acting as if the air intake pipe was restricted since it was running good with the door panel loosened a little so it would pass a little air through it. I increased the pipe size to 3 inch which is optional but preferred depending on the pipe length and number of bends. It was installed with a permit by a furnace contractor and did pass inspection by the city inspector with the smaller size pipe. This still did not help correct things so I inspected the inducer blower. I removed it to inspect and run it and determined it was still working fine but noticed the pressure port barely had a clear passage through it to the blower wheel from when it was plastic molded. I drilled out the excess plastic molding flash and it is now running good at 100% again with a tightly sealed door panel. The small restricted passage was more prone to a clog but it had still performed great for over ten years. For those who say their Goodman is junk — Improper installation as well as a service person who cannot instantly diagnose a simple but uncommon problem can make someone refer to something as junk when nothing but dirt is the only problem and no parts are even needed. It sometimes just takes time to figure out an unusual problem that is intermittent and hard to diagnose that may not even require anything more than a persons time and patience to eventually correct.



"Not worth the scrap metal"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

A total piece of junk landlord installed. Stopped working after 4 days.



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