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"What a piece of s#!+"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

95% efficiency really means it's broken at least 5% of the time. Unit is 3.5 years old. Have had to have costly repairs on it 4 times in the last 6 months (coil, main motor, induction motor, and not sure what now that it's broken again). Do not buy Goodman equipment!

D. Frank

Madison, WI

"Best for the price"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I am ready to replace my Goodman furnace this fall. I have had this Goodman unit since 1994. It was installed by Sears. We bought the furnace and air conditioner in June of 1994, 30 years ago. We have been really pleased with the performance of both units. Each unit has only been serviced twice, with minor infractions. The air and furnace operate quietly. We also change our air filters in a timely manner, which I believe is critical for good performance. My only concern is that we will be that fortunate this time around. I will be replacing it with a Goodman unit this time also. We are seniors so we watch the dollar.

Glenda Deering

Catlettsburg, KY


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

One of the reasons for buying this product was the "10-Year" warranty. However, I found out later the warranty was only for 5 years. I had an issue with the blower and circuit board. When I contacted customer service, the representative said I had a 5 year warranty. Apparently, the buyer is responsible for registering the product via a phone call. After registering the product, you get an additional 5 years. The wife and I wasn't informed of any phone call requirement. I have the receipts of purchase but that's not enough. Even the installer has my contract on file. BUYER BEWARE…the ethical standards (in relation to the warranty) for this company is questionable. They use the "10 year" warranty" as a marketing tool and have no intentions of honoring it. The next unit won't be a Goodman . You are only going to get a 5 year warranty anyways.

B. Ash

Lawrenceburg, IN

"More than happy"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Had one installed 3 years ago in my rental unit I own . No problems so far . Got ac and furnace unit for my house with the dc variable motor and highest efficiency system. Runs great and had a great contractor install it . they cost more but took all day to install the system and came back after Christmas to work on ac . Also they came back in spring to check fluid pressures in ac . Yes it does make a difference if you have a good contractor to install any system . My neighbor spent 10000 on a trane system and a lot of the parts that I can see are the same as my system [ mine cost 7000 with a10yr parts and labour warranty]. [All electronic parts are made off shore for most all systems]


st catharines

"Furnace melted pan under coil one year old"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This furnace was installed a year ago and has been leaking since installation, now big puddle on floor under the furnace. The company wants to replace the melted pan under the coil and not the entire furnace. Probably rusted. Bad Furnace don't buy one. Is only year old and company won't stand behind it. What happens if the coil melts the pan again? Fire??????


New Lisbon,WI

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