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"Goodman single stage"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I've read many of the reviews about Goodman furnaces and I have to believe I got a good unit. I don't recall the model but it is a single stage 80% afue, 90,000 btu unit installed in 2000. I have the unit serviced twice each year and I've had minor or no problems at all with my furnace. Looking to upgrade due to age and additional room added to my house and I'm heavily considering a Goodman.



"Get anything else!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought a house with a one-year-old Goodman furnace and have had nothing but problems! I have had 3 different service people out, and they all say the same thing – they are junk! My sister bought a house and it needed a new furnace. The guy talked her into a Goodman and she has had the same experience as I; in fact, everyone I talk to that has had one relates the same stories – poor quality, followed with lies about the warranties. So get a Goodman if you like to live on the edge and have no heat every time it gets really cold. Have a Goodman if you don't want to be able to leave your house in the winter, because the furnace will break down yet again!

Mark Brunell

Sylvania, OH

"Internet sales & improper installation"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have been installing Goodman equipment for over 10 years. They have been very dependable, but there will always be failures (most are due to improper installation). I have never had a problem with warranty parts. If you purchase your Goodman from an authorized dealer/installer you will never have to worry about warranty issues. I get parts the same day without issue or any money changing hands. If you take it upon yourself to buy equipment from an "internet supplier" and install it yourself, or have your used car salesman buddy install it because, "It ain't that hard and you'll save tons of money", then you get what you deserve. Information is power! Educate yourself. Nobody want to spend more than they have to. But, when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.


Northwest Ohio

"I'd rather rub two stick together to keep warm, or just be cold."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

A campfire or a 55-gallon burn drum in the middle of your house would be much less effort and less frustrating to keep going than a damn Goodman furnace. Hell, electric heat would be cheaper in the long run from the money you save from not having to service it all the time. Oh yeah, and their warranty is crap. Let's see, I spent all this money on a product that should last at least past the 5-year parts warranty with no labor, especially being only 3 years old, and I just don't have it left to spend on a service repairman.

John Dickson

Lockport, IL

"Good and the same as others."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

First off, Honeywell and White Rogers makes the safeties and gas valves used in all brands, A.O. Smith and Emerson make the motors for all brands, and Copeland makes the compressors for all brands. The point is, essentially they are the same. Next, it is the installer that makes the difference. I am sure that with all the blower motors that people are having problems with, the installer (home owner or contractor) used a magnahelic gauge or monometer to ensure the duct work was not causing the ESP to be over the fan rating. If not, that was the problem. The people saying they had to replace many gas valves,, I am sure the contractor checked the drain switch on the 90% furnaces and ensured that the trap (the grey box on the side of the furnace) was full of water. If not, they were throwing parts at it and hoping it fixed it and if it didn't, blame the brand. They do honor the 10-year warranty. The equipment has to be registered and not bought online. Those who had a problem with that had a contractor who didn't tell them, or they didn't bother to register the equipment. If you have a contractor refuse to do that, you hired a lazy contractor. I do that as part of my service to my customers and mail the a verification letter to my customers. Also, the heat exchanger issues – did the installer set the manifold gas pressure? If the installer didn't do that then the furnace ran hot and burned up. Notice how things I point out are either technician or installer problems. My back ground: I've been doing HVAC work since 1998. I worked for a Goodman dealer and installed hundreds of Goodman furnaces. I had 5 warranty calls I was on; 2 were bad igniters, the rest from the tinners leaving sheet metal scrap where it should not be, which caused issues. There were also 5 warranty calls I had in 4 years. If your dealer says there is no warranty, they are trying to get over on you and make extra money, or they possibly can't remember were they bought it. Also, ask the dealer about the warranty; my customers get a written statement of what is and isn't covered. I can say this – maintenance is not covered. I have put Goodman in my own house. I deal with this product, and of the 5 systems I have installed with my company in 2 years, I've not had one call about a breakdown or complaint. And a few of those systems are going on 2 years. Do your homework on the contractor and don't assume a cheap install means quality. Remember – quality work isn't cheap, and cheap work isn't quality.

chad c.

Independence, MO

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