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Goodman GMT Furnace Overview

The Goodman GMT furnace is a discontinued gas furnace that can achieve an AFUE of up to 80 percent. Documents for the GMT reveal that it was first manufactured in 2001, and as late as 2003. The Goodman GMT furnace can be installed either horizontally or vertically, which provides more installation options. The multi-speed blower is sound-insulated for quiet operation, and the heat exchanger is fabricated from aluminized steel. A control board provides diagnostic information should any problems arise with the furnace.

Furnace Filters for the Goodman GMT

Air Flow Configuration Cabinet Width Filter Size(s)
All 14″ 14x25x1 (bottom)
18x25x1 (side)
All 17-1/2″ 16x25x1 (bottom)
18x25x1 (bottom)
All 21″ 18x25x1 (bottom)
20x25x1 (side)
All 24-1/2″ 18x25x1 (bottom)
24x25x1 (side)

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