Goodman GMEC96 Furnaces

Goodman GMEC96 Furnace Overview

The Goodman GMEC96 is a two-stage, multi-speed gas furnace. It has an efficiency rating of up to 96% AFUE and has earned the Energy Star label. The unit is designed for multi-position installation and is certified for direct vent or non-direct vent, with easy access top venting and optional side venting. It has an aluminized steel tubular heat exchanger and a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger. A self-diagnostic control board with constant memory fault code output to a LED helps monitor furnace operation.

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Consumer Reviews of Goodman GMEC96


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  • #3 of 23 Goodman Furnace
  • 60% of customers recommended

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Goodman GMEC96 Furnace Reviews

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"Not happy"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I had this unit installed in late September. The first day I needed it the unit would not heat above 65 degrees. The service folks are great but have spent four different days replacing boards, high limit switches, and dip switch settings. It still does not work properly. I have to turn the emergency switch on the wall on and off twice to get it started. I have replaced the thermostat [which was unnecessary] to insure that problem was not the thermostat. My 25 year old heater worked better than this one and I am sorry I replaced it with the Goodman.

Smithfield, VA

"The Goodman GMEC96 is a winner! Warming and efficient!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I live in the south, and for a long time our old furnace worked all right on the few days we needed it per year, up until last year, when it quit on us. We felt that we needed to get something that would be easier on our pocketbook, since the old furnace seemed to really ramp up our electric bill when used. We chose the Goodman GMEC96 and I am so glad we did. Gas is much more affordable then electric for this particular item because 96% of the energy being used is directly converted into heat – this is far better than electric models. We are warm and cozy and toasty any day of the year that we need it now. Although the initial cost was significant, the savings will make up for it over the lifetime of the unit, and since we plan on living here for many more years, it was worth it to us to buy this quality unit. It has never needed service and runs like a top. I would buy this brand again. We highly recommend!

Largo, FL

"An affordable and energy efficient furnace"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I’ve owned my Goodman furnace for about three years now and couldn’t be happier. I bought it online because my old one was on the fritz. I was nervous about the return policy, but it worked out because this is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. It was extremely affordable and works like a dream. I’ve never had to fix anything on it and have never had any problems with it. I would absolutely recommend this to any homeowners who are in the market for a new furnace. It keeps the house warm in the cold winter months and does not increase the outstanding balance on the utility bills at the end of the month, which was a major concern. If I had to replace it, the only way I would do so if the same company offered a newer model. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Los Angeles, CA

"Goodman is nothing but expensive junk!!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased my Goodman furnace in the early fall (September) of 2008. It has now been 7 years since and I have had nothing but issues with this unit. I have had it go out many times due to issues with the circuit and have had it repaired upwards of 8 times in this time span. When I originally purchased the unit, I was told it came with a 10 year warranty. I called in because I recently had an issue with it not kicking on when I turned on the heat on the thermostat. The lady with Goodman customer service that I spoke with notified me that unless I called in to register my warranty, it then expired after 5 years! Completely contrary to what I was told at the time of purchase! Goodman is nothing but a complete scam which is surprising considering they are so expensive! Horrible customer service and products! I advise everyone to completely avoid their products!!!

Canal Winchester, OH

"Amazing Furnace with excellent efficency"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I bought the Goodman furnace last winter and have been very happy with my purchase. I purchased it online, so I was a little worried that it would cost a lot for shipping, arrive damaged, etc. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that they offer free shipping, and when I got it in the mail, it was perfect! It was also very easy for me to install which is an additional bonus. The price of it was quite a bit, but compared to the competitors, it couldn’t be beat! That’s what you pay for an amazing product. I don’t dislike anything about the product. It is loud but what else can you expect, you know? I have never had to get anything replaced on it. I would definitely recommend this brand to a friend. A couple of my friends have made verbal positive comments but are yet to purchase one themselves.

Grand rapids MI

Other GMEC96 Reviews

A consumer on asked about the reliability of the GMEC96 and was told that the Goodman is a good unit, as long as it is installed correctly. There were a couple of problems with control boards mentioned in the thread.

GMEC96 Warranty

Online product registration is required within 60 days of installation for maximum warranty coverage. The Goodman GMEC96 furnace warranty is comprised of the following:

  • 10-year unit replacement heat exchanger limited warranty
  • Lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty
  • 10-year parts limited warranty

Labor costs are not covered by the warranty.

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