Goodman SSX14 Central Air Conditioners

Goodman SSX14 Air Conditioner Overview

The Goodman SSX14 is a discontinued split system, single-stage air conditioner. The SSX14 had an efficiency of up to 15 SEER and a 1.5 to 5 ton capacity. The unit featured a Copeland scroll compressor and a compressor sound blanket to reduce noise levels. A three-bladed fan and louvered sound-control top also helped reduce sound levels. The unit was equipped with high- and low-pressure switches and a factory-installed filter drier to increase longevity. The condenser coil of the SSX14 was made of corrugated aluminum fins and rifled refrigeration-grade copper tubing. The louvered, heavy gauge galvanized steel cabinet protected the coil and was coated with a corrosion- and rust-resistant finish. The SSX16 used the environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant.

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  • #7 of 15 Goodman Air Conditioner
  • 25% of customers recommended

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Goodman SSX14 Air Conditioner Reviews

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"Warranty not what it seems. No Customer Service!!!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased a Goodman 14 seer unit new. All advertisements state a 10 years warranty but guess what? Only if you register the product in the first 60 days. I was never informed of this punitive system and I believe Goodman just uses it as a bait and switch hoping the customer doesn't notice. They advertise 10 years and no one tells you to register so essentially they are out to scam you into a 5 year warranty. So Coil has a leak 7 years in and I am screwed. " Thank Goodness for Goodman" more like " No Goodness in Goodman" Shady warranty advertising. Go with a different brand for that reason alone and the fact it didn't last 7 years. PS: They won't give you contact information of Corporate Officers, this company is anything but caring for customer relations. Desiree, Carolyn Kolade, and Leticia W, all get failing grades for lack of compassion and common sense. And Tori Brandum isn't allowed to communicate with customers, LOL. Great company, Sorry Mr. Goodman your company is failing.

Mark Drewniak

Calgary, AB

"A dud indeed"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Loud unit. Two years into it, heat coil failure in the peak of winter. It took two weeks to replace it due to the part being on back order. It makes lots of noise and we have had to replace heat strips. The warranty covered parts at that time but did not cover labor which was very expensive. Now the compressor is gone. It is not covered by warranty. Wish I had bought American. Unhappy with this since day one especially since it is outside my bedroom window.

Michelle williams

Fayetteville, NC

"3 years and working great"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Goodman compressor = SSX140361BB Alpine evaporator coils = CE36A34175R004+TXV Goodman Furnace = GMVC80604BXBB Installed in 2012. It's been working great since the initial installation. No problems. My son took a semester off in 2014 due to a back injury and he blasted the AC during the summer – all summer long! No problems. I just replace the return filters like every 3 months. Mild winters here in southern California, but I have used the heater multiple times when the lows get in the 40's at night. Everything is working well so far, knock on wood. I have a standard single stage thermostat. I turn it on and off on demand. I don't use the programmable settings at all. I had everything replaced in my 60-year-old house: the ducts, refrigerant/return lines (line set), compressor, evaporator coils, and gas furnace. I matched the system myself, but had a professional install it.

Mr Cool

Downey, CA

"Horrible, noisy, rusting after 4 months."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Unbelievably horrible experience. Noisy both outside and inside the house. Technicians and customer support are rude, slow, and untrustworthy. Do not buy Goodman. Buy anything else.

Not Impressed

New Orleans, LA

"Mr Pan"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Purchased of central air conditioner brand Goodman,14 seer, 2 1/2 ton, 30 k btu, 410a refrigerant, model ssx140301. Signed contract purchased 7/1/14, installed 7/2/14, and have cooling at noon. Impressive! Tech Sealed all vents inside the house and sealed leaks on duct . Impressed of the turnaround. No wasted time.. Price paid 5,800.00 included permit inspection. I like the Goodman warranty : lifetime – compressor. 10 yr parts. Only offered 7/1/14. a Plus Global System , Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, company I have purchased Goodman central air conditioner— Technician very knowledgable. E.P.a, H.I..c, C.E.C., H.E.R.s, and pg & E. I am happy with the purchased of Goodman. Generous warranty. Unit is quite. The price is reasonable. Regardless of the some negative reviews of Goodman,I still came out ahead. I have brand new unit. I will buy it again. I Replaced garbage Lennox. Model number 14acx03023011g. Owned it for 2 yrs and 8 mos. Came with the new house I purchased from Centex on October 2011. BACKGROUND— reason for the purchased of Goodman. On s5/1/2014- evening, called A/C Company , due to problem of our A/C Not blowing cold air. Price- install start kit , partial charged of 410A refrigerant, detection leak and service fee is $1,500.00+. From 5/1 through part of 6/27, we had cool air due to A/C was recharged. Finally, detected leak on the interior Condenser coil on 6/27/14. Small leak. Took company a long time. I spent $1,500.00+ for nothing. In order for them to fix the leak, it will cost me another $5,245.00 included duct test and sealed. Lennox warranty was not discussed. I got suspicious since I had already called Lennox while waiting for them to find the leak. That Lennox only provides warranty on parts, and we pay the labor. So, basically, the cost they gave us was only for their labor, duct test and seal (permit inspection). Too, too much. Declined their service. In the meantime, we had no cool air part of 6/27 and 6/28,6/29 and 6/30. We stayed in the nearby hotel from 6/28 to 6/30 due to triple digit temperatures. $118.00 per night. While at the hotel, We found A Plus Global Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioner through on 6/30 and called them, thus gave us appointment to see them on 7/1/14. I did not not want to take a chance to stay with Lennox because there are so many, many bad reviews, and because of this very bad experience We are Seniors.

Felix Pan

Elk Grove, CA

Other SSX14 Reviews

In a comparison on between the SSX14 and a similar Trane air conditioner, a professional chose the SSX14 for several reasons, including the coil and the compressor. A comparison of a Lennox model with the SSX14 on was evenly divided, with one consumer stating that he preferred the Lennox warranty.

SSX14 Warranty

Product registration is required within 60 days of installation for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the Goodman SSX14 air conditioner is comprised of the following:

  • Lifetime compressor limited warranty for as long as you own your home
  • 10-year limited parts warranty on all remaining functional parts

The warranty does not cover labor costs.

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