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"Dont waste your money"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

New home and I need a new A/C system



"Dreadful company; dreadful equipment"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The Goodman HVAC system was installed by the previous owners of my townhouse: I was delighted to have a system that was only two years old. In the past seven years I have replaced the condenser and two leaking coils. I have put freon in every summer. The third coil is leaking–and, of course–is not covered by warranty. There is obviously a quality control problem and a give-a-care problem on the part of the company. Tomorrow I am installing a $10,000 Trane to replace a system that should have lasted another ten years. I would not consider buying another house with a system by Goodman in it!


Montgomery, AL

"Jury Out…But so far NOT Happy."

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

Just had in Warranty coil replaced on split unit. My In Warranty Price for labor and whatever else they wanna clip you for was $800.00. My coil evidently was leaking freon But the good news it was under warranty…Hee Hee Then the contractor hammers you on labor.

Mad Bastard

Chandler, AZ

"Own several Goodmans…."

3.0 rating

I have used a contractor over the last couple of years, so I now have Goodman in three units.. Townhouse #1 –> Goodman coil only (3 years) Townhouse #2 –> Goodman AC roof unit (2 years) Single Family –> Goodman coil (1 month) No problems so far.. Too soon to tell about quality. However, be aware of the reviews. I was getting nervous that this site had Goodman 2 of 5. As of 6/20/08, I see that Lennox 1 of 5 Rheem 2 of 5 Trane 3 of 5 These are good brands! Conclusion, most people that have problems w/ units are posting.


Tucson, AZ

"Dissatisfied with Goodman"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I would not recommend Goodman products!!! I have had four service calls over 2 years on units that are barely three years old. First it was electronic control boards (two boards failed on the same unit). Most recently, a compressor failed in one unit while a fan failed in the unit sitting beside it. Thank God these were both under warranty (I can see why Goodman has to dangle this carrot now!). Bad news is – we're out $650 in labor to get them repaired! In hindsight, I'd gladly pay more up front for quality; quality in the form of American-Standard, Trane, etc.

C. Dickson

Aiken, SC

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