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"Goodman ACs are JUNK!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased a brand new custom built home in 2014. The builder installed a Goodman ac and failed to tell me about registering to get the 10-year warranty. Just before the 5-year default warranty ran out the inside unit coil started to leak. Goodman has refused to honor the 5-year warranty to replace the coil because they are going by the manufacturer date which was in 2013. They refuse to accept my closing settlement statement as proof of the new home purchase date. Unless you register they don't even honor the true 5-year warranty. I have never dealt with such terrible customer service! Ac serviceman that found the leak told me Goodman ACs were complete junk and that I would save money in the long run by replacing the complete system.

Bob McReynolds


"Buzzing Breaker"

3.0 rating

If you are having a buzzing noise inside your house, or a buzzing noise from the breaker inside the house, the problem might be with your a/c unit if you have a later model Goodman a/c unit. I have a Goodman 16 series, 5 ton, and only 5 months old (bought in Jan 2019). When the a/c would turn on, it would make a funny noise, followed by the breaker making noises. I had one electrician tell me I needed to change my breaker, which did not solve my problem. Another electrician told me to change the whole box. The problem ended up being with the a/C. The capacitor was bad and needed to be replaced completely. Only a $20 fix. Make sure to check this out if you are having a similar problem, my a/c would turn on and cool no problem but it was taking longer for the capacitor to kick

mike fakhar



1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have a Goodman unit that is less than a year old and is not working anymore. I'm going to try and have them make things right and intend to give them the benefit of the doubt. I had a Trane before and it worked without ever having a tuneup for the twenty years I had at a previous house and assume it's still working! Please Goodman prove me wrong!

John Reynolds

Antioch, TN


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I installed a new unit for about 7 years ago. Since then I have replaced 2 compressors 3 blower fans and a capacitor. Also replaced a circuit board does to it burning up. Now I just got word that my indoor coil is leaking and also a small leak elsewhere in the outside, so done with this. Will be trashing and buying a new unit, but sure not a Goodman. Sad when you spent your hard earned money on a product with constant failures.


Kings Mountain, NC

"Dealer or Goodman?"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Had a package unit install at of Oct 2018 with all new duct work. The first problem was the electrical junction box outside melted. The unit was icing up and could not keep home cool, still having problem with the unit since Jan 2019. Keep calling Palm Bay Air and Heat that installed it and they keep blaming other problems that had nothing to do with the install or unit?? I've repeatedly told serviceman that the airflow is low unit is icing up? I think they have no idea what the problem is or do they? The blower motor was replaced but still no airflow? Still today I have to put a fan inside the unit to try to keep the home cool. Is it bad equipment or bad install? Contacted Goodman and was told to call dealer as they have no control over dealers, what??? Coming to the end of April and still have no service!!! Who trains and regulates these people?

JC Comeau

Palm Bay, FL

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