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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Nordyne Gibson furnace are not worth your time to install.These contractors that been putting them in well they might be getting lucky. Ive read its the contractor bull – – – – ive been intalling and a contractor for 26 years admitt it gibson furnaces they are junk.Consumer be aware

Tim M

Sidney OH,

"Heat Exchanger Failed"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My home was built in 2004. The HVAC contractor installed a Nordyne Gibson condensing gas furnace (KGCRC 080C-12B). In 2009, a limit switch failed and had to be replaced. This year (2010), the furnace kept shutting down due to flame rollout in the burner box assembly. I had a local HVAC company look at the furnace. He found several holes in the heat exchanger assembly. He told me this should not have failed on a system that is only 6 years old. He said he sees a lot of problems with Gibson furnaces. I inquired what it would take to fix the heat exchanger. He told me it would probably take him a day to disassemble the furnace, install a new heat exchanger and reassembly the furnace. I decided it would not be worth the effort to fix the this furnace and decided to replace it with a better more energy efficient model by another manufacturer. I would also be able to get a tax credit on this years tax return (up to $1500 including product and labor) since the model is very efficient (~98% efficiency). I will never allow a Nordyne/Gibson product installed in my house again.

Jeff C.

Merrimack, NH

"Currently on the Market"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I am currently on the market for a new furnace and the contractor I use recommends and sells Gibson. From what I have read here is that contractors love Gibson and consumers don't. Perhaps the reason is because the contractors are making a lot of money installing and fixing these units. Unless someone can convince me otherwise, I will continue my search with Rheem, Trane, and Lennox.


York, Pa


3.0 rating

I have been a building contractor for over 30yrs and I have had a variety of units installed in various projects.I have found that most problems with most new installs is the contractor. Improper duct sizing supply and return, setup and balancing are crucial to proper operation of any air system. I have found that gibson is no more problem prone than any other brand in fact I have chosen Gibson to replace my own furnace. I would recommend that you investigate the installer before committing to the lowest price.

P. Rubano

New Haven, Ct.


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My furnace is only about 4 years old and the control board is fried. The contractor tells me it is under warranty, but the warranty only covers the parts, not the installation. So I'm out well over $150 due to a faulty part….I wonder what would happen if the car companies had a policy like this? I own a number of rentals and will never touch Gibson again.


Crystal Beach, Ontario

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