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"Five Stars"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

It has been two years this month since my furnace and central air unit were installed. So far, they have performed flawlessly. When the outside a/c unit is running, it is as quiet as what my sound meter says is "normal conversation at 3 feet." Same with the furnace. The man who installed it stressed over and over that the equipment is only as good as the installation process, and he was very meticulous in his work. He encouraged me to watch as he performed the installation, and I must say that it was a perfect job. I am a handyman myself and have always done my own maintenance, so I know a well done job when I see one.

Jim Lemons

Dale City, VA

"Do not purchase – terrible furnace, no support in Canada"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We had the furnace installed by the insurance company after a flood in our house in 2011. The furnace keeps loosing pressure and restarting itself multiple times ( 10-15 times every 10-15 seconds) and can't reach the set temperature of 22 degrees C. So far we've had at least a dozen repair men from different companies trying to fix it without success. It is impossible to find any support from Gibson in the Toronto area and the person who installed it does not return his calls. Gibson has no support in Canada and it is all in all a very miserable experience.

Biljana Uzelac

Toronto, Canada

"Gibson Gas Furnace 108000 btu runs very quiet and is very efficeint"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I purchased my Gibson 108,000 BTU gas furnace 9 months ago and it has been running very well to date. I like the fact that it is compact in size yet very powerful. It also has a high efficiency rating, so I enjoy the fact that I was able to use PVC pipe for the exhaust pipe. So far I don't have any complaints as it is running very efficiently and the cycles are within normal range. During the winter months my house was very comfortable. Also I am really amazed at how quiet this furnace is. Even in the basement where it is located it sounds quiet and smooth. It has a nice blue gas flame too. I would purchase this one again as the price of my Gibson furnace was very reasonable and beat out the competition by quite a bit.

oil city pa

"Good, sound equipment"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have a dual system in my home, both a heat pump and gas furnace. They have been installed now for six years and both are running great. So far, I have not had one part replaced. I find if you have regular maintenance performed each season, the equipment will take care of itself.

Richard E Hubbard

Chantilly, VA

"Gibson Products No Thanks"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I was using gibson and frigidaire for a second line, even installed one in a relatives house. On startup the compressor on a/c was about the loudest I've heard on an old one. Tech support came out and gave it a listen and said well it's under warranty. I told him I wanted a new one. Nope, it works. Well not for long 2 years later a new a/c,,, no labor allowance or refrigerant. A 2 year old furnace heat exchanger had big holes in it. I had to call Florida then St Louis and they said take it to this place and they'd warranty it. I said I'm standing in there place right now. Finally I took it to the downtown branch and they charged me $ 750 deposit while they decided to warranty it or not. My supply house quit selling these so I was stuck going to the other one. As far as the poor dealers installing them, Trane must be able to take their abuse, because they don't have near the problems.



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