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"Overworking AC Unit not cooling house well enough because of poor insulation"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

We bought this unit to help the bigger unit in the house with the 100 degree days we have. It is located in our bedroom since our bedroom was turned into a room in the garage which in reality has really bad insulation. We have had this unit about 2 years now. I like how it is convenient to turn off and on when needed since the temperature of the house fluctuates often. I have not had to repair it or replace it but it does not work as well as I would like for it to. It uses a lot of energy just to put out little air. It is pointless for it to be working during the hottest part of the day since it will just over work the unit not producing enough air in the room. Late at night it does keep us cooler than outside during the summer time. I do love all my GE products but I would not recommend this one to anyone looking to cool off from the summer heat.

Fort Worth, TX


3.0 rating

This A/C works well, when it's working. We've have three repair issues in the past three years, but besides that the A/C works very well if you can put up with a summer outage once a year. All in all I would recommend something more reliable, but I'm relatively happy with the machine.

Rockford, IL

"Great A/C Equipment"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Our 2 units were a 2 ton GE central A/C for the bedrooms and another 3 ton GE unit for the rest of the house. Both units were installed in 1980 when our house was built. The 3 ton unit was replaced in 2004 and the 2 ton unit will be replaced this week, neither unit suffered a major malfunction in all these years. The reason we replaced them was both had low seer (8.5) compared to 12.5 and 16 seer that we have now. I don't think that no present brands are built with the quality and know-how of the past.



"Where is GE when you need them?"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

An echo to Mike S. of Florida: What a great GE central heat and air unit I have owned over the past 34 years. Except for only one service call (because of ants wrapped around some warm electrical parts), no one has touched this unit in 34 years, not even a single "maintenance" call. But, unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and here I am in an hot house waiting for the ac guy to arrive, hopefully, to fix "old reliable" and spare me the misery so many of you have endured as you consider which "made in China" piece of junk to buy. Each time I relay how long my GE has lasted, I can almost hear the guy's jaw drop on the other end of the line. They quickly add that I should figure about 10 to 15 years for anything you buy now. Why is this so?


Raleigh, NC

"GE Air Conditioner – In-Wall Unit"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

I have been the owner of a GE In-Wall Air Conditioner for the past 6 years. I am happy to say that it has kept running the entire time, needs very little maintenance and has performed beyond our expectations. My one dislike is that the directional vanes that control the angle of the breeze can only be oriented in one uniform direction. I would prefer to direct air more precisely. Other than that, the controls are simple and there are several levels of both cooling and warming settings. We only use it a few months out of the year, but when we do, it does a good job of cooling the room down.

La Mesa, CA

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