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Frigidaire FG7MQ Furnace Overview

The Frigidaire FG7MQ is a modulating gas furnace currently produced by Nordyne. The furnace comes with a 97-percent AFUE rating and features iSEER technology, which can raise the SEER of a 13- to 14-SEER outdoor unit by a maximum of one SEER point, according to Frigidaire. The FG7MQ is equipped with a communicating thermostat to provide comfort and efficiency. This furnace received the Energy Star “Most Efficient” rating in 2014. The Frigidaire FG7MQ features Frigidaire’s iQ drive technology; according to the manufacturer, these systems run continuously at a low level, using less energy and creating less noise than other systems.

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Frigidaire FG7MQ Furnace Reviews

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"Great new furnace"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

When we made the decision to replace our old furnace my wife and I spent a ton of time researching different brands, styles, and models, trying to find the best value for our money. We were focused not only on price but longevity and efficiency as well, with such a major purchase you want it to last as long as possible and with minimal cost invested for maintenance and repairs. It can be expensive to heat your home in our long and cold high country winters, so the final price and overall efficiency were important to us as well. We have been very happy with the Frigidaire FG7MQ. Although a little more expensive then we were planning to spend the 97%+ efficiency rating, high reliability reports, and ultra-quiet operation sold us, and we are glad to have spent the money to save on our energy bills for years into the future. Would definitely recommend this model to other people looking for a high end upgrade.

Grand Junction, Colorado

"Piece of junk. Never buy it."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought a system with a furnace and A/C unit in March, 2010. The first year, I had to replace a leaky cooling coil. The unit was down for two weeks. I had to find a maintenance man to repair it, since company that had sold me the unit and installed it was no longer in business. Next year, the same sensor went out on the A/C unit again. The unit was out for over two weeks. This year the A/C unit went out again. I called the service person who had previously worked on the unit and he was now employed by the manufacturer as Tech Support and did not make service calls. After about two weeks I finally found a certified repairman willing to come look at the unit. He diagnosed a bad controller board and had to order a part. Two weeks later, the part was received and installed. A few weeks later we had a cold snap and I turned on the furnace. It wouldn’t work. I called the serviceman who diagnosed the bad modulator blower in the furnace. It only took a week to get the part and install it. The service man left and five minutes later the furnace shut down again. I called the serviceman before he got out of town. He came back and tinkered with the unit a little and left. Ten minutes later the unit shut down again. I called the serviceman, but he didn’t answer my call. I left a message but he never called back. The following week, I called several times every day and left messages. He never answered my call or called back. I finally called with my wife’s cell phone and he answered. When I asked about working on my unit, he said he had done all he knew how to do and was not coming back. I called the regional distributor and finally found another serviceman who would come to look at my unit. He called the tech rep, who order some parts. A week and half later, the serviceman showed up to work on my unit. He installed a new board in the furnace blower area. He turned on furnace and it ran for over an hour, so he lowered the temperature setting so the furnace went through the shutdown procedure. Everything looked good. He went through another cycle of about 15 minutes. So far, everything seemed okay. He turned the furnace back on and replaced the cover on it. In about two minuets the furnace shut down. He took the cover off the unit and it ran for over 15 minutes, but when the cover was placed back on the furnace would shut down in two or three minutes. He tinkered with various things with no success. He called tech support. They had him remove the thermostat (which plugs into the wall bracket) and when he replace the thermostat the screen showed red and become very hot. After that, nothing worked. This was at about 6:30 in the evening and the serviceman had a 2 1/2 hour drive home. He said he would order the necessary parts and see me the next day. That was on a Friday. He never showed up or called. Monday, two weeks later, I called him and he said he was waiting on the parts and would call me when he received them. A week later I still had not heard back, so I called and had to leave a message. He called back later in the day and said that the tech rep could not find the part. Neither the supplier, manufacturer nor anyone else had the part(the thermostat?) and he would call me when he had them. My furnace has been out for six weeks now still no parts? I called the manufacturer – Nordine and Frigdair – customer service, and they basically said we only make them, we don’t fix them, and “call a local service company.”

Oneida, TN

"Never ever ever purchase"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This is without a doubt the worst piece of equipment I have ever owned. I have had this furnace now for 5 heating seasons and am still trying to get the issue with pressure switches resolved. The frigidaire tech has no interest in inspecting this worthless piece of junk, he prefers to come up with “solutions” for my furnace guy to try. Not one of his ideas have made any difference. Does this company not care about its customers? Stay away from this product. I am disheartened to read other reviews and find that contacting frigidaire directly will most likely prove futile.

Ontario Canada

"Contractor choice is key"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Look for a professional company that will search out all your needs/wants with a new furnace. My contractor started out with actually showing up on time, which is very unusual in Muskoka, next I received a detailed quotation including heat loss analysis which only one contractor provided. This contractor took the time to ensure all my needs were met and even registered the product once completed, oh ya, the furnace, Frigidaire’s modulating furnace, Awesome!

Bracebridge, ON


5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Amazing, super quiet, super efficient. my old furnace used almost twice the amount of gas and was loud. now I dont know when its on, but my house is comfortable.The hvac company was very professional, punctual and did a great job. I love my new frigidaire furnace.

midland, ontario, canada

Other FG7MQ Reviews

One post on the Garden Web forum stated that the Frigidaire furnaces provide extra comfort at both the low and high stages. The FG7MQ model has a dual-stage feature.

One Frigidaire gas furnace owner writes on that his furnace will only operate properly with the cover removed. A contractor suggests removing the flame sensor and cleaning it with fine-grain sandpaper. This action solves the problem; several other readers report this has helped their furnaces function properly. One expert suggests that this cleaning should be done annually. ranks this Frigidaire furnace as having four out of five stars. The FG7MQ, with its iQ drive, is the top of the line of the Frigidaire gas furnaces, and the communicating thermostat is a real plus for establishing comfort in the home.

A homeowner poses the question on of whether there is an easier way to clean the heat sensor than scrubbing with sandpaper or steel wool. A contractor suggests carburetor cleaner, but the homeowner says even that solution has not worked. The problem with charring and oxidation on the flame sensor seems to be the main issue mentioned online with Frigidaire gas furnaces.

Frigidaire FG7MQ Model Numbers

The FG7MQ is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
FG7MQ 060*-VB 97 60,000
FG7MQ 080*-VC 97.2 80,000
FG7MQ 100*-VC 97.4 100,000
FG7MQ 120*-VD 97 120,000

FG7MQ Warranty

Frigidaire offers a 10-year warranty on all parts for the FG7MQ gas furnace. The entire unit will be replaced within 10 years if the heat exchanger fails. Owners must register their furnaces online within 60 days of purchase in order to receive this coverage.

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