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"Heather Green"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I had a Frigidaire air conditioning unit installed 9 years ago that has run perfectly, knock on wood, ever since. I keep the outside unit clean of debris and cover it in the winter. I have had my installer check my ac every other year since it was installed but it always checks out fine. Since that time I have bought other Frigidaire appliances and they all seem to be very reliable, attractive, less expensive than other brands and have a good warranty. I hope Frigidaire keeps making good products and I am grateful they still make them in the United States!

Heather Green

"A good air conditioner for the price"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I bought this air conditioner last year after having a tough summer in 2009. Since I did not have a big budget, I had to settle down for this moderately priced air conditioner. But a few days after usage I realized that I had not settled, I had hit the jackpot. This air conditioner made my life easy. It cooled up the entire room in about five minutes. What is more the noise that comes out of it is also minimal. I can watch TV in low volume while my baby sleeps peacefully with the air conditioner on. I have had dust accumulation problems with my previous air conditioner. Assuming that all of them accumulate dust rapidly, I sent for my handy guy to service the air conditioner this may in order to have it ready for summer. He spent only 20 minutes on it and very little dust had accumulated. I love this air conditioner and have suggested it to anyone who asked my opinion. The only thing it lacks is a thermostat, so it has to be manually turned off and on, but for the price it would be too much to ask.

Portland, OR

"Worst cental ac unit ever, 3 yrs old & have so much $ in it now that I could have had 2 lennox units over 24 yrs."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This is the worst unit and no one wants to own up to the fact that I have a lemon that was not even welded correctly. 6 months after I had it installed it already needed new parts. Then only 3 yrs. old and it needs freon every 30 min. Not to mention that it also sounds like an airplane outside my house. The manufacturer won't install a new unit for me. Nice job passing the buck Frigidaire! Burn me once, but you will never have my business again or anyone else that I know.



"Keeping Things Cool"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

I have had my air conditioner for about a couple of months now I think. The main things which I feel are exceptional about it is that it works for one thing and that it blows cold air just like I have always wanted. The pure rush of having cold air hit your skin after a hot summers day is something which I always look forward too. I do dislike although that it is a window type because now my window is pretty much occupied with the air conditioner and I really can't use it like I have before. I didn't have to repair or replace at all and so far it is working pretty good. I would get the same again but, I don't know if I would go with the window type and I guess I would recommend it to a friend it they did not care about their windows being occupied at all.

Macomb, MI


3.0 rating

We purchased and had installed a Frigidaire AC in April 2010. I do not see our model listed with your products.our Model is P5RD-030K and the serial # P5F 100304174 Is this an out of date model?

R. MacIntosh

Englewood, FL

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