Fire Chief Wood Furnace Reviews

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"Fire chief"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We bought a fire chief furnace over the summer and when we tried to hook it up we had problem after problem we couldn't get it right. I contacted the fire chief and they were amazing at resolving all our problems and helping us to get our unit running the right way! It started out rocking but ended up being a very positive experience with them! I would highly recommend their stove to anyone

Mikaela Lorino



1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We bought this furnace last November 2017. Used it as recommended by Hy- C. Although my wood wasn't as dry as they recommend it was pretty dry. All ash and seasoned. We ran the stove hard trying to heat 1600 sq ft. And done a descent of it but noticed I was using a lot of wood. And never got more than 9 hrs burn time. Twice what we issued in our 40 yr old stove inside the house. Then came April and early one morning we woke to a house full of smoke. No fire just smoke and that awful smell. Called Hy-C soon as we could and they did jump on the problem and found it had not been sealed around the return plenum letting the smoke from the draft motor to return air. The offered to come after it but not pay for installation so I taped seems and kept it. My second big mistake. Wish we would have sent it and took the loss. Been better off. The remainder of the season was ok except for the smell. No one offered to have anything cleaned. Now to this year it has just been a problem. At times you can still get a whiff of creosote and the only time it will heat for 15 hours is in August. We are very disappointed with this furnace. 72 degrees is about max in 25-35 degree weather for a 1600 sq ft single level. The thing eats wood. I mean eats it up when it's cold. Needs a stronger blower as well. Heated with wood for over 40 years and this being our first outdoor furnace it's a disappointment We would not recommend this furnace in its current working order.

Ronald E Moore


"Great heat, very short burn times"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Do not believe the advertised burn times!!! The stove is very easy to start and outputs a ton of heat, however, good luck getting more than 7-8 hours. Also, the stove door was not correctly aligned from the factory. Customer service has several canned responses that they say to everyone.

Topher Michael

North East, MA

"Lots of Problems"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I wrote a review a year ago about this furnace and the housing around the door cracked so I welded it up and cracked again right away not in my welds but alongside of it the way its made is why it cracked there is nowhere for it to flex at all so it just cracks again and the stupid fire bricks keep falling for the life of me why do they do that how stupid can you be so I took 10-inch flat steel cut it down to 9 1/4 wide by 19 inches long and that works well they set on there loose and also the tube that holds them in place has already close to burned out with big holes burned in it and still doesn't heat very well and only but out good heat for about 3 to 4 hrs the house gets cold with temps 10 above to 30 above don't buy this furnace period its a piece of junk it no sense calling them because all they do is argue with you and I spent 1400 dollars for pretty much nothing my old shot furnace heated better than this one and the above baffle was burned out


"Update to my previous review"

3.0 rating

Since leaving my earlier review, Hy-C has committed to refunding both the furnace and the cost to install, additionally they will provide removal of the malfunctioning one. I will say that I am very satisfied with Hy-C's recent response and attitude and happy to relay that Hy-C has definitely satisfied our concerns and rectified our situation.

Sarah Gardner

Middlefield, OH

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