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Fedders Furnace Overview

In 1980, Fedders left the unitary market, yet its furnaces are still available through authorized independent dealers. Consumers can still find 2-stage and warm-air furnaces with the Fedders brand.

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Fedders 2-Stage Furnaces

These furnaces are generally all-position units that accommodate upflow, downflow and horizontal installations. They are compact enough for convenient placement throughout the home. With AFUE ratings of up to 95 percent, an Energy Star level of efficiency can be attained when the furnace is coupled with a compatible cooling system. They support 2-stage cooling units and are 1- or 2-stage thermostat ready. In many cases, terminals are available for installation of humidification and/or electronic air cleaning products. Additional features are available such as stainless steel secondary heat exchanger and a built-in self-diagnostics system that easily displays fault codes without panel removal.

Fedders Warm-Air Furnaces

Among these options are all-position, mid-efficiency units that employ natural gas, though kits are available for LP gas conversion. The efficiency of these units is improved by their heavy-duty aluminized tubular heat exchanger, multi-speed PSA and direct drive blower. The cabinets are insulated for minimized sound production.

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Care and Maintenance of Fedders Furnaces

Fedders advises that its furnaces must be cared for yearly and kept clean and free of debris. Filters must be clean and remain free of dust. The exterior of the unit also should be kept clean. Annually, homeowners should have the furnace professionally serviced as part of routine care and can reference the product manual for descriptions such maintenance entails.


Proper installation and sufficient documentation of purchase and installation are required for warranties to be applicable. Fedder furnaces have warranties that may provide limited 20-year to lifetime coverage on heat exchangers. On all other parts, there is a 5-year limited warranty. Warranties should be discussed with an authorized independent dealer regarding furnaces no longer manufactured by Fedders.

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