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"1 full season"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

In 1 full season, I replaced three igniters, trimmed the vacuum line that burnt, tightened the set screw for the auger, and the auger motor and keypad need to be replaced. I have no faith in Englander the support you get when you call will tell you anything to get off the phone. Englander doesn't want the product back they know it's junk. After 1 full season, I gave it away today. I learned my lesson don't buy there product you will get screwed over. Thank you.

Sue Ellis


"I have a model25-pdv/55shp22/55trp22 and I had power but the code came on E 1 now I have no power anyone know what that can be?"

3.0 rating

I am having problems with my pellet stove I just bought an Englands model 25-pdv/55-shp22/55-trp22 and I had the power it said on the control panel e 1 now I have no power?



"Sanford & Son�s"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have had one thing go wrong after another. This is the worst purchase of any kind in my life. I haven't even burned 1 1/2ton of pellets and I'm constantly having to call for support. They are very busy serving other customers, you have to wait hours and then it's only fixed for a day or two and something else goes wrong. Save your money don't buy their products it's just a donation you won't get anything in return. Sorry I got talked into buying this junk or whatever it's supposed to be

John Ellis

Fitchburg, MA

"Don�t buy it!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought this stove to replace my wood stove. It's been installed and in use for about six weeks and we've had nothing but problems with it. Pellets stick to the side of the hopper so stove stops working as pellets don't reach the auger. Cleaning is a constant and a nightmare. My other pellet stove is a breeze to clean and only has to be cleaned every 3-4 weeks. It only restarts by itself about half the time after you shut it down. This stove requires daily cleaning. Currently, the top auger has stopped working so the stove is out of commission. Spent two hours on hold with tech support this morning and no one ever answered. Sent an email and still waiting for a callback. Freezing. You'd think if they're going to sell stoves that don't function they'd hire more tech support to answer calls. Worst major purchase I've ever made.

Rae Smith


"Dissaisfied of the company"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We had our stove for three years every year we had to replace parts on it. New years eve of 2017 my grandson had friends and we were up the street to my sister in laws when my grandson called and said the whole inside was on fire we told him to shut it down he is 23 years old and we told him we would be right there. The basement was full of smoke, sutt leaking from the stovepipes and from the bottom of the stove. We contacted Englands we had to back where we bought it they were to reimburse us after they picked it up. They finally we got our money back for the stove but the damage to our basement we were to turn it in to our homeowners our point was why should we do that when it was your product they never paid for replacing the insulation in our ceiling our home at the time two years old, pile of sut on the floor

Dawn Miller

Montgomery, PA

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