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Energi Air Systems Air Conditioner Reviews

"Had unit put in yesterday has run for 14 hours now and cut off only once the unit sounds like a train running"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

Had unit put in July 21, 2017, the unit ran for 10 hours strait before cutting off. Now it runs more than the one I replaced, and it was 11 years old. Was told the unit would run quitter than my old one not so. I dislike that it runs all the time and it is a lot louder than my old one. I would not buy another one.If I had the money I would replace it today, or see if I could have my old unit put back in.

William Perry

Haw River, NC

"My Air Conditioning Unit"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have recently built my personal home and installed a Goodman air conditioning unit. I have went with this brand due to the price and the warranty that is behind it. I have sold many of these units and have not had a problem with them and if a problem were to arise it was covered under warranty. I decided to put this brand of unit in my personal home due to these facts. Many people do not know that most a/c units have the same parts such as compressors, contactors, ect and many people will not purchase a Goodman unit. Goodman does not advertise like other brands such as Trane and Carrier and this is why many people refuse to purchase them. I am very satisfied with my unit. It is now 5 years old and I have not had a single problem with it. I would recommend this brand of unit to anyone that is thinking about purchasing a new a/c system for their home or business. This unit comes with a 10 year compressor warranty, 5 year parts warranty and 1 year labor.

Lake Charles, LA


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We had an EnergiAir ssx16 16 seer air conditioning and heating system installed 6/2008 to replace a 16 year old system that really had no problems. We just wanted to be pro-active and get a system that was more efficient, as my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at that time and we didn't need any more stress in our life. I live in Eastern pa and the system got us through the summer of 2008 but when we turned the air on 4/2009 on a 90 degree day, no air. We were told the refrigerant leaked out as it was a design defect but they had the fix. Our summer was not that extremely hot in 2009 but our unit ran all the time and our electricity bill was high, we didn't realize the refrigerant was leaking out again. Turned the unit on 4/2010 90 degree day no air, called the company that installed it came over and told us this time they had the real fix because it was a design defect. Here it is 5/26/2010 93 degrees and in 4 weeks the refrigerant leaked out again and the unit froze like an ice pop so of course they have to come back 5/27/2010 to try to do something. We had to get our neighbor to help us put in old window units as my husband has no upper body strength after his surgery. I don't know what my rights are but I will find out because I want the unit out and replaced by another brand. As far as the favorable posts on this forum about it being the installers fault, IMO, I find it hard to believe since the team that installed ours had 27 years experience but I am pissed at them as to why they sold us a unit that was taken off the market in 2007. How can the Goodman company get away with this. A class action suit was mentioned and I think that was a good idea. I am going to e-mail the gentleman today. My husband and I have had enough stress with his diagnosis we don't need to be sitting in a 90 degree house every time we have a heat spell here. Well, I'll see what happens today but if I have to get a lawyer and letters from my husbands doctors to sue to get this unit out, I will. This air-heating and water heater system was a $10,000.00, yes, $10,000.00 piece of crap.


Eastern PA

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