Earth Mountain Man Wood Furnaces

Earth Mountain Man Wood Furnace Overview

The Earth Mountain Man is an outdoor wood furnace available in two models — the 500 and the 505. It is designed for larger homes and heats up to approximately 6000 square feet, with a water capacity of 315 gallons and a heating capacity of up to approximately 375,000 BTU. The 500 has a 20" x 20" wood door with an ash door and grate system, while the 505 has a 25" x 25" wood door with no ash door and grate system. The Mountain Man has a forced air front door damper system and features a 1/2" thick firebox. A Taco 3-speed pump comes installed, and a digital thermostat and front panel water level check and fill system are included. Units can be custom-colored, and log siding is available. All Earth wood furnaces are also coal burning. The price of a Mountain Man furnace from Earth is $6,250 as of 2015, with financing available.

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Consumer Reviews of Earth Mountain Man


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  • #2 of 5 Earth Wood Furnace
  • 33.33% of customers recommended

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Earth Mountain Man Wood Furnace Reviews

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"Money down the drain"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Poorly engineered, you will waste your money on this manufacturer, not to mention your time cutting and splitting the amount of wood required to run this unit, in 3 years time I used the same amount of wood that my indoor wood furnace would have used in 8 years. I have made several improvements to this unit to make it perform better but it still uses too much, it would be cheaper to purchase the propane. ( first year 72 rick of wood and shut it down in late Feb, after improvements now down to around 38 ricks). The company was not helpful at all, and of course apparently all my fault, I wish that I had found the correct reviews before my purchase


Kokomo, IN

"Earth boilers are a poor choice"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This company leads you to think they are a Christian company when they show Psalms 24.1 in the logo which states "The lord is my shepherd" they really should treat their customers better and warrant their equipment better as they give you the run around treat you as your are the reason their product does not last. Their warranty is one sided to them and I'm still dealing with a leaky boiler they produced. Psalms 24.3 should be the script they should run their company by which is "He guilds me in the path of righteousness". Take care of your customer do right by them you will prosper and it is the only Christian way to do.

A Van

Martinsburg, MO

"Air problems in pump"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I installed my Mountain Man 500 last summer, and it worked great throughout the upstate New York winter. In the spring I noticed the pump sounding like it had air entrapped in it, and the water was not flowing. I shut it down for the season and have been trying to fix the problem ever since. I replaced the $250 pump. I have cleaned out the plate exchanger, and only a little discoloration came out. I have re-plumbed the entire system and added air bleeders where I thought they might help. No matter what I have tried, the pump is sucking air in from somewhere (I suspect the water tank since there is little above the pump) and the pump is not able to push the water through. I have by- passed the plate exchanger to make sure (again) that it is not the problem – no improvement. Every time I bleed off the air, it runs for a few minutes and then just churns away with air in the pump. I ran it with the pump reversed, and it worked, except it then pulled the cold water off the bottom – with the thermocouple sensing just cold while the top heated, it boiled the water and it steamed out. It is November and I cannot use this boiler which cost a lot of money to buy and install. UPDATE – 11/26/15 I previously rated my wood furnace poorly due to an air problem in the pump. After months of fighting it and over $500 in new plumbing (including 2 pumps), I finally resolved the problem after several conversations with Earth's tech guy. It turned out to be a pipe plugged by minerals. None of the expenses I incurred were necessary! If only I knew what it was sooner. Now the furnace is working great again.

E Honrath

Binghamton, NY

"Buy anything else"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We've had our Earth stove a couple of years now and we are very unhappy with it. The blower has gone out a couple times, the pump has gone out and the door has fallen off. We can't keep our 1500 square foot house over 60 degrees no matter what we burn. When the weather gets below 30, make sure you can have somebody stop by and fill it up while you are at work because it will burn out by noon if you fill it up at six. Their salesman doesn't know anything about the stoves, he's just out to make money. I know where these are made and they are made cheap, and nobody there can answer any questions. They do no quality control at all, according to the employees. Don't waste your money. We've spent almost as much fixing ours as we spent on it brand new.



"Very happy"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have owned the furnace for four years now and have had great success! Many folks around me have purchased Earth furnaces and are very pleased. Very well-built furnace.

John Smith


Other Mountain Man Reviews

Online comments regarding the Mountain Man furnace are largely positive. A homeowner on asked if burning dryer wood in his Mountain Main will cut down on smoke. There were several different opinions on this, and the homeowner posted an update stating that he really likes his Mountain Man and there is no problem staying warm, although it does use a lot of wood. There is a post on from a homeowner who wanted to say how much he loves his Mountain Man furnace, with several replies from people who feel the same.

Mountain Man Warranty

The warranty for the Earth Mountain Man wood furnace is comprised of the following:

  • 25-year furnace warranty, which covers parts and labor. Warranty is pro-rated after the 7th year
  • 1-year warranty on door, grates and damper

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