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"Don't buy Ducane products"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have owned my Ducane for 4 years. It has been worked on every year and still my home will not get more than 10 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. I thought I was buying quality when my local service guy recommended it and through my research found that it was owned by Lennox. It is now called AirEase. I can't get a company representative to show up or return my calls. The service guy makes all kinds of excuses. They are trying to convince me nothing is wrong with the unit, but I think they just don't want to honor the warranty. My advice is to not do business with any of these companies. I am currently talking to a lawyer to file a civil suit. Their products are junk and they will not honor the warranty. If you are in the Chester, SC area, don't use a service tech that isn't from one of the larger companies. I got burned trusting a so-called friend that had his license and does general handyman work. He did good work, but will not stand behind the products.

Scott Cain

South Carolina

"Leaking freon"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Just one year and 1 moth old, this residential package air conditioning 4 ton is leaking refrigerant so early. With all the respect for the contractors that are selling this brand, they know they have a problem with evaporator coils leaking refrigerant at very early stages due to higher evaporator pressure, r-410, so the evaporator walls should be made thicker instead. It's very thin. Obviously today, the industry lets the customer pay for their mistakes. New evaporator covered under warranty, but who pays for the installation? The customer because the factory wash their hands with only 6 months labor. It's very unfair the way all these companies operate without respect to their clients. The contractors get their money and more service calls, selling more refrigerant, filter dryers, nitrogen fee, etc. One service mechanic in hvac told me the wheel must be continually moving, so the more the equipment breaks, the more the profit. At the end, no one wants to be responsible.

Dev an

Orlando, Florida

"Evaporator coil leaking Refrigerant"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This 4 ton packed residential a/c unit only has 6 month labor warranty. The evaporator coil from China was leaking refrigerant. Parts are covered under warranty, but the labor is not. The service call for this repair is $800. The contractor can not return the broken air conditioning and replace it with a new one.


Orlando, Florida

"The outdoor unit does not withstand the weight of less than 300 lb."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

After the first winter of the purchase, there was the dent of the shape of the gutter which sat evenly on the middle of the metal outer unit, as a result, the inner coils from the top layers were smashed together due to the impact. The unit was supposed to withstand up to 300 lb. According to the distributor who sold this a/c system last June. The gutter was only a few feet above when it was attached. Although I wished to prove that the outer metal cover did not withstand the weight of less than 300 lb. and the warranty should cover the cost of the damage, the distributor flatly denied and would not take any part of the responsibilities while I believe that the design and/or materials used to house the unit did not meet the standard for protection of the coils inside. None of the lines of the installer, the distributor, and the manufacturer wanted to listen to our case. As many other reviewers who expressed their frustrations with their cases, I would not recommend the recent models of Ducane A/C products to anyone as long as they try to escape from the customer complains and leave us totally lost.

Veronica Cecire


"Good deal"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Ours is 3 years old now… I installed it my self, but did not have a nitrogen tank to flood the lines during soldering, so I had a pro do it. YOU MUST flood the lines with nitrogen to avoid copper oxide flakes being created when the copper is silver soldered… YES ! silver soldered only ! 15% silver. Then there is the yearly check to see that the soot found in almost all HVAC systems has not blanketed the A coil…. (AND) that you have the correct A COIL !!! Finally, the correct amount of Freon, determined through the "superheat calculator" method… so anyway, my Ducane works perfect, my home is an ice box. My 2 1/2 ton 410 unit cost $1500 delivered with 100 feet of copper…. I'm sad to say, that many things are better made "outsourced " than American now… Unions , regulations and taxes in America have led to lots of corner cutting! and finding an ethical technician ( IN ANY TRADE !) has become a tall order… America great again ? don't hold your breath … way to many idiots here now.

Mat Eicher

Elk River, MN

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