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Day & Night Heat Pump Overview

Day and Night was founded as a solar water heating company in 1909. The company started manufacturing space heaters in the 1930s before venturing into heating and air conditioning equipment. Together with several other brands, Day and Night was acquired by Dresser Industries in 1945, but they bought themselves out four years later. Subsequently, the brands founded Affiliated Gas Equipment Inc., which was later purchased by Carrier in 1955. Today, Day and Night relies on superior engineering and quality manufacturing to deliver home comfort, with products including air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, thermostats, and packaged systems.

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Heat pump overview

A heat pump is an all-in-one electrical device that heats and cools your home as desired. The heating and cooling system works throughout the year to keep your home comfortable. The working mechanism of a heat pump involves extracting heat from one place and transferring it to another. During the cold winter months, your heat pump will extract heat from the air outside and transfer it inside your home. When the weather heats up, the appliance will do the reverse, extracting heat from the air inside your home and moving it outside, so your home remains cool. There are different types of heat pumps, which include air-to-air, water source, and geothermal, as well as single-stage, two-stage, variable-speed, and modulating heat pumps.

Day and Night heat pump series and models

Day and Night manufactures an array of heat pump models from which you can choose. When selecting the right appliance to keep your home comfortable, you should be aware of the following specific features.

Constant Comfort Deluxe Series

The Constant Comfort Deluxe Series consists of the CVH8 and CCH6 models. These high-efficiency heat pumps deliver excellent heating and cooling performance, as well as dehumidification. Unit construction features wire grilles and corner posts for protection against bad weather and durability. They also have a corrosion-resistant design that promotes long-lasting performance and ensures you are comfortable year round. Both models are Energy Star-certified and can be paired with compatible thermostat and gas furnaces for dual fuel heating efficiency.

The CVH8 heat pump is a variable-speed unit with a cooling capacity of two-to-five tons. The device delivers maximum efficiencies of 19 SEER, 13 EER, and 11.0 HSPF.

For the CCH6 model, you will get a two-stage heat pump with a cooling capacity range of two-to-five tons. This heat pump has efficiency ratings of up to 17.5 SEER and 13.5 EER when cooling, and up to 9.5 HSPF when heating.

Constant Comfort Series

Other options you can consider are those under the Constant Comfort Series. The CSH6 and CSH4 heat pumps are designed to offer long-lasting performance and efficiency for consistent comfort throughout the year. These two models deliver reliable air conditioning, electric heating, and dehumidification to improve indoor air quality. Their dual-fuel capability, paired with a compatible thermostat or furnace, help to lower your electricity costs.

The CSH6 is an Energy Star-certified heat pump that features single-stage compressor operation and has a cooling capacity of 1.5-to-5 tons. The unit delivers efficiencies of up to 16 SEER and 13 EER when cooling, and a maximum of 9 HSPF when heating.

With the CSH4 heat pump model, you will enjoy quiet operation, and Wi-Fi enabled remote access. The heat pump has efficiency ratings of up to 14 SEER and 12.2 EER when cooling and up to 8.2 HSPF when heating.

Performance Series

The Performance Series consists of six different models: the N4H6, NXH5, NXH6, N4H4**C, NH4H4, and N4H4 models. These are economical options that provide efficient electric cooling and heating, as well as dehumidification. The heat pumps have dual fuel capabilities when paired with compatible furnaces and thermostats, a factor that promotes energy-saving performance. Their quiet operation helps maintain a peaceful home environment even when the unit is running.

The N4H6 model features a high-efficiency two-stage scroll compressor and single-speed fan motor. This unit has a cooling capacity range of two-to-five tons. A corrosion-resistant design and protective grille panels promote longevity. Efficiency ratings of up to 17.5 SEER and 13.5 EER when cooling, and 9.5 HSPF when heating ensure you can enjoy consistent comfort without worrying about high energy bills.


The prices of Day and Night heat pumps are determined by several factors. These include the model you choose, unit size, and you home size and type. Other factors include installation and placement. A standard Day and Night heat pump costs between $1,135 and $3,925 for the unit alone. If you want to get accurate pricing information, you should contact a local HVAC professional.

Care and maintenance

Regular inspection and maintenance is vital to ensure your Day and Night heat pump stays in peak condition. The company recommends an inspection by an HVAC professional annually. It is also important to get the unit inspected before the cold and hot seasons start.

Other maintenance steps include checking the air filters monthly, keeping the outdoor unit clear of snow and debris, keeping shrubs around the unit pruned, flushing the indoor condensate pan and oiling the fan motors annually.

Day and Night heat pump warranties

Day and Night offers exceptional warranties to help protect your home comfort investment. The No Hassle Replacement limited warranty is 10 years for top-of-the-line heat pumps, five years for mid-tier heat pumps, and one or three years for standard-level products. Heat pumps also carry a 10-year parts limited warranty. It is important to ask your dealer for details and register your HVAC products in order to enjoy these benefits.

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