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"Two Year Travesty"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

To the day, my 5 ton roof top unit was installed. The refrigerant leaked out and that's after I paid for service two months earlier, and was warned to keep paying the $69.00 service fee because the installer was aware of factory issues with the reversing valve and possible coil leaks. Of course, the same guy was going to charge $700.00 to replace the reversing valve because it's not under warranty. After I complained to him being the last one to touch the unit, he told me to find someone else (A & A Cooling Phoenix, Arizona). I found a good repair guy who I used to know and he told me that he will set the unit up on the high side and not the recommended median blower setting which will help the reversing valve especially in the transition from heat to air. Also, added sealant and leak detector (Cliplight product) and put putty around the coils to reinforce it. If it does leak next year, he'll be able to find it. I do not recommend this unit even though it was really cheap.

L. Humbert

Tempe, AZ

"Outrageous Cost of Repairs"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Installed a new three and a half ton unit two years ago. "High low valve" went out. Only coverage is for parts. Labor and freon was $1800.00. Outrageous. Took two guys, six and a half hours each to complete the repair. This from a factory authorized service shop, also the shop that installed the unit originally. I have had ten properties over the years and never had a problem with a unit in the first two years. This is my first and last Day and Night unit.

George DeLong

Phoenix Arizona

"Awesome, Like a Walk-in Cooler"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Installed last August, replaced a Trane system. Service guy said Trane is good but their coils are a pain to keep clean. This Day and Night stuff really works well, and is very quiet. I put in a 14 seer system and my power bills went down from the Trane System. I also installed a 5 inch in air filter box.

J. Twardski

Atlanta, GA

"Poor Product"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought a five ton unit that didn't even last two years. The coils went bad. The company warranty sucks, as it only covers the part but I have to pay for it and they refund after old part is returned. On top of that, the cost to ship, replace the bad part is $680 and because 5 ton unit, have to also pay $480 to replace the freon. We had a previous unit that lasted 20+ years, but replaced with junk that doesn't even go 2 years without major problem/expense. Buyer beware and be sure to check warranties.

D. silva

Folspm, CA

"Nightmare AC"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased 2 units for my new home in fl. At just over 1 year the coil went out on unit #1.The coil was under warranty ( took 3 weeks to get the part) but not the labor or the freon. It cost us $450. Then 30 days latter the coil went out on unit #2. It took 60 days to get the warrantied part. While waiting for coil #2 the blower motor went out on unit #1. Again the part was covered but not the labor. The manufacturer would not do one thing to help on obviously defective product. Recommend this to a friend? Not even to an enemy.

Bryce Peterson


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