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"Run! Awful! So Angry!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The contractor recommended in a new build. Installed in 2016. This is the most frustrating thing! Running the remote control is like running the remote to get into fort Knox! It's ridiculous! We've had to have the installers out more than once to train and retrain on the complexities of the remote control. We have a split unit. This is a lake home. We came up for the holiday week. Our great room unit is not working….blinking green light. The textbook manual says blinking green light, call for service. Service came out (weekend) but he didn't know how to work on the unit! Only a couple guys are trained on these units! I watched a YouTube video to learn how to read the troubleshooting codes. The code basically says the mother needs replaced. Now my husband is on the phone with one of the guys who is trained on the units. He is learning that there is water collecting in the bottom of the unit… Blah blah blah..,. So many issues ….water needs to be drained.

Karoline Clevinger


"Poor quality"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

2nd repair in 1st year. 1st the main board then the pump itself. Waste of money, I don't have.

E, Vaio

Duncan, BC Canada

"Impressed with DAIKIN quality and pricing"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We decided to go with Daikin equipment in our new build. We have been very impressed with the pricing compared to the competitors and the quality has been great. We have definitely noticed a huge drop in our electric bill and the house can be set at a higher temperature and still feel very comfortable. Overall we are very satisfied! We would definitely, recommend a Daikin System to our friends and family.

C. Raulerson


"Someone please help"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased the daikin, dz18tc-036, 3.0 ton two stage heat pump 18 seer six months ago as well as the daikin, (propane) dm96vc-080, 80,000 btu, 2-stage, variable speed dc motor. The heat pump will only heat the house to 68 degrees when the the out side temp drops to 30 degrees. The furnace has to be turned to emergency heat when the out side temperature reaches -4. The installation company can not figure out why my system dose not work. Can you please help. The top floor of the house is 1,000 sf and the main floor is 2,500 sf and the basement is 2,500 sf. The heat pump is on the North side of the house ( the back of the house).

Bruce Jenkins

Toronto, Ontario Canada

"Hate it"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This brand new unit cost me $7400. I had ordered an a/c from Acree Air but they didn't have one to put in the next day so they brought in this "upgrade." It cools the house and you are cool as long as the unit is running. Supposed to take the humidity out of the air. It's 71 degrees in the house and you are sweating if its not running! Wish I could go back and get what I had originally ordered. An ac not an heat pump.

C Lowe

Plant City, FL

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