Daikin Heat Pumps

Daikin Heat Pumps

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Daikin Heat Pump Overview

Daikin was founded in 1924 in Osaka, Japan. The company entered the North American market in 2004. Today, Daikin is the world’s largest manufacturer of HVAC products, selling air conditioners in 140 countries. 

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DZ20VC Altherma

Daikin is also a leading source of HVAC products in North America, contributing heating and cooling solutions to high-profile projects across the U.S., such as the One World Trade Center in New York City. The company sells air conditioners, heat pumps, air handlers and coils, packaged products, and gas furnaces. 

This guide covers five popular models of Daikin’s residential whole-house heat pumps so you can find the best one for your needs.

Heat Pump Overview

A heat pump is an all-in-one heating and cooling system for your home. The heat pump extracts heat from one area and transfers it to another. In the winter, it extracts heat from the outdoor air (even cold air holds heat) and moves it inside to warm the home. During the summer, it extracts heat from inside and moves it outside to keep the home cool.

Daikin Heat Pump Models

You can assess the energy efficiency of Daikin heat pumps by comparing SEER and HSPF ratings. The higher the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating, the more efficient the cooling; the higher the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF), the more efficient the heating. The HSPF rating measures heat output in British Thermal Units (BTUs), factoring in the watt-hours of electricity used. Energy Star’s “Most Efficient” list includes Daikin heat pumps with minimum SEER ratings of 18 and HSPF ratings of 9.6.


With energy-saving ratings of 21 SEER and 10 HSPF, the DZ20VC heat pump is rated “Most Efficient” by Energy Star. According to Energy Star calculations, this premium Daikin heat pump costs 35-43% less to operate than systems operating at minimum federal standards. 

This flagship model is compatible with the Daikin One+ smart thermostat. Daikin Inside Intelligence monitors the system at all times. The heat pump features a variable-speed compressor and a high-efficiency ECM condenser fan motor. The design includes a heavy-gauge galvanized steel cabinet with a powder-coated finish. Heating and cooling capacity ranges from 23,800 to 52,500 BTU for two- to five-ton units. The two-ton DZ20VC costs $3,000. 


The Daikin DZ18VC heat pump is a premium model with impressive 19 SEER and 10 HSPF ratings. The unit comes with an efficient variable-speed swing compressor and a quiet three-speed condenser fan motor. Daikin’s Inside Intelligence technology constantly monitors the whole system to identify trouble areas. The DZ18VC works with the Daikin One+ smart thermostat. Heating and cooling capacities range from 22,400 to 53,000 BTU for units ranging in size from two to five tons. A two-ton DZ18VC Daikin heat pump costs $2,750. 


The DZ16TC heat pump features a two-stage scroll compressor. It delivers 17 SEER and 9.5 HSPF efficiency ratings. The quiet unit is housed in a durable galvanized steel cabinet with a baked enamel finish. Heating and cooling capacity ranges from 23,000 to 57,000 BTU for two- to five-ton units. A two-ton DZ16TC Daikin heat pump costs $2,000. 

VRV Life 

Daikin’s VRV Life system employs advanced inverter technology and offers 18 SEER and 10.5 HSPF ratings. The units range from two to five tons with heating and cooling capacities from 24,000 to 57,500 BTU. VRV Life units are known for their zone flexibility and energy savings. The space-saving unit offers quiet 57-decibel operation. For accurate pricing on a VRV Life heat pump, contact your local HVAC professional.

SkyAir Inverter Ducted

The SkyAir Inverter system is an alternative to traditional cube-style Daikin heat pumps when room-by-room or zone control is not required. The slim, space-saving design features quiet 58-decibel operation. Energy-efficient 16 SEER and 10.4 HSPF ratings offer savings on energy bills. Heating and cooling capacities range from 18,000 to 47,000 BTU for 1.5- to 3.5-ton units. For accurate pricing on a SkyAir Inverter Ducted Heat Pump, contact your local HVAC professional.

Daikin Heat Pump Installation Pricing

A Daikin heat pump requires the installation of a dedicated 240V 20A circuit. The unit is affixed to a mounting pad, which must be leveled. The new system must be connected to the existing thermostat before it is fully tested. 

It takes about 15 hours to install a new heat pump, assuming favorable conditions at the site. One source says labor costs approximately $1,297 to $1,572. Many factors impact how much it costs to install a heat pump, such as the size of your unit and the quality of your existing ductwork. Job supplies may also add several hundred dollars to the final price. Your local HVAC professional can provide up-to-date pricing information about Daikin heat pump installation.

Daikin Heat Pump Maintenance

You must properly maintain your Daikin heat pump to maximize its service life. Keep all sides of the outdoor unit free of debris, snow, and ice. To ensure proper airflow, keep shrubbery at least 18 inches away from the unit. Check air filters every month, cleaning or replacing as needed. It’s also important to keep the outdoor coils clean. Turn off the unit and hose them down, using a heavy-duty degreaser when necessary. Before using air conditioning in the spring, flush the indoor condensate pan. 

An annual inspection by a trained HVAC technician maximizes the lifespan of the heat pump. It also prevents minor issues from becoming major ones. Additionally, annual inspections help keep your warranty in force. 

Daikin Heat Pump Warranties 

Daikin’s top two units, the DZ20VC and the DZ18VC, are covered by a 12-Year Unit Replacement Limited Warranty and a 12-Year Parts Limited Warranty. However, it’s important that you understand the warranty limitations on your specific unit. For example, the replacement warranty is six years with some models and the lower-tier DZ14SN only comes with a parts warranty. 

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