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"Hot under the collar"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Buyer beware: don't choose an air conditioning system made by Daikin ! I don't often write reviews unless a product or service shines brightly or, as in this case, appalls me. Four years! That's how long we've been trying to work with ****** ***** ***, the company that installed our brand new, but poorly functioning Daikin air conditioning system in our newly constructed house. The system was strongly recommended by our general contractor, who, as it turns out, is friends with the owners of ****** *****. Our newly constructed house is under 1800 square feet and our property includes several large ("grand") oak trees providing shade on two sides of the house. Nevertheless, 78 degrees was the best our home's AC could do, with indoor humidity consistently measuring in the 60-75% range. Our home is Energy Star certified, very well insulated, and should never have had these kind of issues. We couldn't even use our toaster oven without raising the temperature several degrees in our whole house. Incidentally, we were religious about changing filters monthly, pouring vinegar in the condensation lines monthly, and vacuuming out the drain lines with a shop vac at least twice yearly. The installers returned to our home too many times to count since we took occupancy in mid-2014. No matter what they tried, nothing improved the situation. Some visits were considered "under warranty" but for some visits we paid for parts and service; regardless, no service calls actually fixed the underlying problems. When it was cold outside, the technicians got a reprieve, only to be called back to our home when Florida's temperatures again rose. Once, they brought along a factory representative to see if his knowledge of the system would help overcome our problems. It didn't. At one point, they suggested a system redesign — at a price of $6,000. We declined, feeling we should not be required to spend such a large figure to fix a relatively new air conditioning system that was supposedly designed specifically for our new home and was considered "under warranty". When this year's summer was again looming, we again reached out to ****** ***** but they were unresponsive to our emailed requests for service. Finally, we decided to see what other air conditioning companies had to say about our problem. Four separate contractors individually reviewed our system and all came away scratching their heads. They'd never seen anything like it. They reported that our Daikin system was perhaps appropriate for a condo setting with one intake and one vent, but not for connecting ductwork to. For one thing, it was designed with "zones", using one outdoor 1.5 ton unit to alternate between powering three different indoor air handlers (in the attic), attempting to cool only one zone at a time. Secondly, it included a vent to the outside. We had been told our superior insulation required that the AC be given access to "fresh air" which we now learned was not necessary in a residential setting where doors were often opened and closed. Most importantly, we had been sold a 1.5 ton outside which, contrary to Daikins' and ****** ***** assertions, would never be sufficient for a space the size of our home (all four companies recommended 3.5 tons). Biting the bullet, we chose one of our consulting contractors to replace our entire A/C system. In doing so, we were appalled to discover how much black mold and mildew had accumulated in the Daikin AC system during its four years in our home. Observing the black buildup on the removed Daikin AC system components, I finally understood the cause of my recently-developed breathing issues for which I had already seen four specialists, undergone extensive testing, applied multiple medications, and gone to the expense of purchasing a whole-house air filtration system. As a result of getting rid of the Daikin AC system and replacing it with a well-known, consistently high rated AC system, our home now remains blessedly cool and relatively dry with clean air quality, even when we fire up the oven or clothes dryer. It's as it should have been all along, including these last four frustrating years. Given the time, energy and dollars we had to invest in troubleshooting over and over again, then finally replacing our four-year-old air conditioning system (not to mention the medical expenses which resulted from such poorly operating equipment) we haven't decided next steps, but at least we can make any subsequent decisions while we're a little less "hot under the collar."

B Fisher



1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Daikin Model ewdah12l-1nt Air Handler I just wanted to express my disappointment with the Daikin Air Handler. I invested allot of money thinking that I was purchasing a quality product. In just two years the air handler has had 3 issues: (1) Water leaking and puddling around the base of the unit; (2) Heat core failure; (3) Coil leak that can't be fixed. I was told by the installer that the replacement coil could take up to 4 weeks to be shipped. Had I known that Daikin can't provide replacement parts in a timely manner, I would not have chosen this brand. How good is a warranty when parts are not readily available to the company that installed it? After emailing Daikin's customer service about my concerns, all I received was a stock response that the warranty only covers parts. I had to purchase a space heater to get us through a cold snap and probably will need to buy another one.

D. Hardy

Grant, FL

"Don't waste money on a Daikin"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought a Daikin split series ac with heat in January of 2015. The heat has never worked right. I could turn the heat on and it would work for about 15 minutes and then shut down for 10 minutes to defrost. This went on all last winter. The electrician said this was normal when the temperature got below 50 degrees. I just about froze to death. Now this year the compressor has gone out. The compressor is under warranty but it will cost me at least $400.00 to have the new compressor installed. Then it still may not work right. I will never buy another Daikin product again! Don't waste your $$$$.



"Unproper A/C Services"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

To the in charge of Daikin, We have purchased 2 split A/C in our premises. Our machine was installed in July 2016. Even both the machines are in warranty, our problem with the cooling has not been solved. We don't have ventilation and only A/C was the option. We are into the Corporate. We have given several complaints and sent mails to the company but our issue has not been solved. We are facing lots of issues due to Daikin split A/C. None of the technicians visited our side and we haven't received any replies from them regarding our complaint. We are facing very bad experience from this company after paying a huge amount of money to them.

Sheshmani I Varma

Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

"Excellent product"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I purchased this AC after it was offered by a local contractor this summer. Works great, quiet, and low utility bill. Never heard of Daikin but I am glad I purchased the unit so far.


San DIego, CA

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