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Crown Bermuda Boiler Overview

The Crown Boiler Bermuda Series is a gas-fired steam boiler. It comes in ten sizes from 69 to 379 MBH, has an efficiency of 80.0% to 82.2% AFUE, and is designed for residential and small commercial applications. The Bermuda has a cast iron heat exchanger and stainless steel burners for increased durability. It is packaged with the option of either LP or natural gas and a choice of either a standing pilot or electronic ignition system. The jacket has a powder coating and is fully insulated to retain heat.

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Crown Bermuda Boiler Reviews

"Refuse to honor the warranty"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Furnace bought and installed by a lic plumber in 2012. The cast block rotted on the top of the 2nd left unit of the block. The plumber went to the dealer, RAL, eventually to the rep re. The warranty and were told that if the damage was above the low water line, the warranty did not apply. Nowhere in the warranty does it state that pictures were taken, but having read all the unfavorable postings on Crown, I don't expect anything from Crown. Am in the process of consulting an attorney.


Suffern, NY

"Crown tank cracked after 6 years of normal use"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I installed a new Crown Bermuda Series gas boiler (single pipe steam system) in 2012. The system worked very well for 5 heating seasons. During season 6 in 2018, I noticed a loud hissing sound and steam when the boiler was running for an extended amount of time, indicating a crack in boiler tank that is above the water line. Up until this time, there was no water loss in the boiler. I would flush a small amount of rusty water from the bottom of the tank every few weeks and refill, but nothing else. When I called Crown (now called Velocity Boiler Works) to ask about their warranty on the tank (the heat exchanger) the representative told me that any crack above the water line is not covered under warranty because that type of crack indicates a "maintenance issue" caused by "waterside corrosion" or "fireside corrosion". She then began to drill me with questions like "Did I have the tank deep cleaned every year", was my plumber qualified, did I misuse the boiler. It seemed like she was trying to prevent me from even making a warranty claim. Any boiler should last more than 6 years under normal operating conditions. Now I am facing the cost of an entirely new system to replace the Crown. I would not recommend this product and the customer service is terrible.

Rob D

Northern New Jersey

"my amazing water boiler"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have owned my boiler for a little over a year and a half now. It was actually bought by my lovely wife when she got a huge bonus from her work. This is the second greatest investment me and my family have ever made, it can't be the first because I wasn't the one who actually paid for it even though I picked it out. I love everything about this boiler. My water stays hot and does not run out. My wife can be running the washer and the dishwasher and I can still take a nice long luxurious bath in our Jacuzzi tub. I would not change a thing about this boiler it is the best I have ever encountered. The only thing I dislike about my boiler is that my wife paid for it, even though I picked it out she still somewhat rubs it in my face and tries to compare that it is better than my selection of an air conditioner. It runs great and I have no outstanding issues with my boiler. I have never had to replace or repair my boiler. It still works just as good as the first day it was installed and I love it. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world it works unbelievably well and I have never had an issue with it. I would buy this brand over and over if I ever needed a new boiler. If that boiler keeps running the way it has been since we've bought it then I would never consider another brand again. I have also recommended it to a few friends and have talked with other people that have purchased the same brand. Out of about 5 people that have bought from this brand, only one of them has had to make a repair on their boiler and that was after a bad flood they had in their basement. I would recommend this brand to anybody looking to purchase a boiler and I wouldn't suggest buying from anybody else when a product works this well for so long already. Be smart and buy from the Crown Boiler Company!

oak park, IL

"Bad Product"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought this boiler (the Bermuda BSI 103E) back in July 2011 new from Crosstown Plumbing and to date 12-1-2013, it is leaking water above the burners. I am very disappointed more so because I am unable to reach someone from Crown about a replacement since it is still under warranty. Crosstown has offered me a warranty block for $350.00. I am still waiting to hear from Crown in connection with this matter.

Clive Gravesande

Irvington N.J

"Read this before you buy a Crown Boiler!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I am the original owner of a Crown Boiler Bermuda, gas. The boiler is only 9 years old, but its already leaking water. According to the warranty, Crown covers parts for 12 years, but other than sending me a form to describe the problem. I have not received any response from them after a month of repeated attempts. If buying a Crown boiler, buy knowing that there is no warranty protection. The company knows that it is probably cheaper to buy a new boiler than go through small claims litigation.

S Matos

Other Bermuda Reviews

In a couple of posts on, the Crown Bermuda is referred to as a good unit. One professional said he has installed several of them and has never had a problem. However, given a choice between the Bermuda and similar units by Utica and Williamson on, very few people chose the Crown, although most professionals agreed that the installation is more important than the actual unit.

Crown Bermuda Model Numbers

The Bermuda is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
BSI069E 81.9 69000
BSI069S 80 69000
BSI103E 82 103000
BSI103S 80 103000
BSI138E 82 138000
BSI138S 80.3 138000
BSI172E 82.1 172000
BSI172S 80.6 172000
BSI207E 82.1 207000
BSI207S 80.9 207000
BSI241E 82.2 241000
BSI241S 80 241000
BSI276E 82.2 276000
BSI276S 80.3 276000

Bermuda Warranty

The warranty for the Crown Boiler Bermuda Series is comprised of the following:

  • 1-year full unit warranty
  • 12-year limited heat exchanger warranty

A 5-year and a 10-year extended warranty covering parts and labor are also available.

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