Comfortmaker Heat Pump Reviews

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"15 months and failure …"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I did much research before putting this 5 ton heat pump in. I saw such horrible reviews online for even the best brands. So then I looked up hvac contractors on the bbb site and all had glowing reports. So I assumed that a good install makes a huge difference. Well unfortunately the expansion valve went bad after only 15 months. So what if the part is covered? I now will owe $250 for the labor and that well sucks up any savings I built in efficiency. I paid almost $6000 for this system. Very unsatisfied.


Gladewater, TX

"It's all about the installation"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Four years ago we had two Comfortmaker heat pumps installed as part of a complete re-do of our hvac system. We have 14 and 17 seer units. It took a while for the hvac company — James River Air in Richmond, va — to get the system balanced right, but once they did, the system has been nearly flawless. We have a service contract that includes inspections twice every year and covers repairs. The units have ten year warranties. a couple of times we've had an electrical part fail, and they were quickly replaced. I agree with the comment above that it's all about the installation. Most heat pumps are pretty similar in design, but getting the system installed correctly and balanced well is the difference from one house to another. If you're having hvac work done, make sure you use an established and well-regarded company that services what it sells.

B. Willson

Richmond, VA

"Unreliable/Poor Quality"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought a home with a ComfortMaker Heat Pump installed (1 year old). I had the coil leak that same year (wasn't covered under warranty). Local tech soldered the leak and I got away withour unit replacement/few hundered R-22 recharge fee. About a year and half later (unit now about 4.5 yrs old), the coil springs a leak in a different portion. What a piece of junk!

J. Frank

Potales, NM

"Money pit, replaced after 4 years"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This 2.5 ton unit was installed in november 2006 in a newly built home. It has gone through 3 coils and needs a fourth. The warranty people are difficult to work with. I have had to have service professionals out on it each summer and winter since I've had it at extreme costs. After 4 years of irritations with this piece of crap, I'm now spending $$$$$ to have it replaced. I'll never consider Comfortmaker again!!

D. Babcock

Fort Worth, Texas

"Great unit but noisey unit"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

This unit is a mod#PHT336K00A1, it is a great unit and very efficient / elec-cost low. But from the beginning it has a loud vibration rumble starting up. Contacted cert. co. that installed it and he said that is because of the type of motor and pump it was. I don,t like it because it is getting louder as mths pass. Does comfortmaker make a replacment part that could eliminate this noise or is there another alternative. Approx- 2yrs old. HELP

jimmy burkett

vanceboro, north carolina

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