Comfortmaker Heat Pumps

Comfortmaker Heat Pumps

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Comfortmaker Heat Pump Overview

Comfortmaker is a subsidiary of International Comfort Products (ICP), based in Lewisburg, Tennessee. Originating in the 1950s as a part of American Furnace Co., the brand was eventually sold to Singer in 1968. Singer later became a unit of Snyder General Corp., which was eventually purchased by ICP. 

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Reviews by Heat Pump Series

CCH9 Performance

Comfortmaker’s annual revenue is estimated at over $48 million. Notable product features include a wifi-connected Observer Communicating System, which controls multiple units to optimize temperatures in every zone of your home; two-stage, noise-reducing scroll compressors; and tough, corrosion-resistant casings. Comfortmaker offers a wide variety of heating and cooling products including air conditioners, gas and oil furnaces, ductless systems, and geothermal and standard heat pumps. This overview covers Comfortmaker’s heat pump line.

Heat Pump Overview

Heat pumps are an energy-efficient option for conditioning your home’s climate year-round. They function by using another source (air, ground, or water) to move heat from one space to another. Because the system primarily moves heat versus generating it, the costs for heating and cooling can be reduced by up to 75%.

Heat pumps come in three types: air source, ground source (geothermal), and water source. An air-source heat pump functions much like a normal air conditioner during the warm season but reverses the flow of refrigerant in the summer to draw heat from the cold air and transfer it into your home. The other two types of heat pumps use the relatively stable temperature of the ground or water source to extract heat and move it inside. The type of heat pump that works best for you will depend on your climate, so be sure to consult a heating and cooling professional before making your decision.

Comfortmaker Heat Pump Series and Models 

Comfortmaker Softsound Deluxe 18 Heat Pump With SmartSense

This electric, air-source heat pump uses a five-stage, variable-speed compressor with a variable-speed fan for fine-tuned heating and cooling. It can also be paired with a compatible gas furnace for dual-fuel heating in colder climates. The unit features an  Energy Star rating, operates at up to 19 SEER when heating (13 EER when cooling), and boasts an HSPF heating efficiency rating of up to 11.

As part of the Comfortmaker SoftSound line, this unit can operate at as low as 56 decibels. It connects to wifi and links with the Observer wall control and other units in the home to optimize temperatures in every room. Comfortmaker also offers two slightly less efficient, louder models—the SoftSound 16 and SoftSound 14.

Technical Specs

  • System-protecting high-pressure switch, low-pressure transducer, and filter drier
  • Uses Comfortmaker’s SmartSense technology for optimized comfort
  • Wifi remote access and intelligent diagnostics
  • Uses non-ozone depleting R-410A refrigerant
  • Cooling capacity: 1.5-5 tons
  • Weight and dimensions: 31-13/16 x 23-1/8 x 23-1/8 inches, 132 pounds (smallest unit); 42-5/16 x 31-3/16 x 31-3/16 inches, 233 pounds (largest unit)

Comfortmaker Performance 16 Heat Pump N4H6

As Comfortmaker’s most energy-efficient heat pump, the N4H6 will save you in the long run. Its two-stage compressor can kick into high gear at extreme temperatures to keep you warm or cool year-round, and it can be paired with a compatible gas furnace for optimal energy efficiency. This electric unit operates at up to 17.5 SEER when heating (13.5 EER when cooling) and is rated up to 9.5 HSPF in heating efficiency.

While not as quiet as the SoftSound series, the N4H6 can operate as quietly as 70 decibels. When paired with a humidity-sensing thermostat, it can also function as a dehumidifier during the warmer months. Comfortmaker offers several other versions of its Performance line along with a Coastal Design version for customers dealing with the corrosive effects of salt in the air.

Technical Specs

  • System-protecting high-and low-pressure switches and filter drier
  • Uses non-ozone depleting R-410A refrigerant
  • Cooling capacity: 2-5 tons
  • Weight and dimensions: 38-7/8 x 35 x 35 inches, 233 pounds (smallest); 45-11/16 x 35 x 35 inches, 294 pounds (largest)

Comfortmaker Performance 14 Compact Heat Pump 

This model features a compact design, and its single-stage scroll compressor fits in a narrow cabinet and hugs tightly against your home, making it a great space-saving option. Like the other Performance models, you can pair it with a compatible gas furnace for optimal heating efficiency during heavy cold spells.

This unit features a SEER rating of 14 (11.5 EER when cooling) and has an 8.2 HSPF heating-efficiency rating.

Technical Specs

  • System-protecting high-and low-pressure switches and filter drier
  • Uses non-ozone depleting R-410A refrigerant
  • Cooling capacity: 1-5 tons
  • Weight and dimensions: 25-1/8 x 36-15/16 x 14-9/16 inches, 150 pounds (smallest); 43-1/8 x 44-1/2 x 17-1/16 inches, 258 pounds (largest)

Comfortmaker SoftSound Variable-Speed Geothermal Heat Pump

For maximum efficiency and heating performance, it’s tough to beat this Energy Star-qualified electric geothermal heat pump. The system delivers consistent, even temperatures using a variable speed fan and a two-stage heating and cooling process. The underground outdoor unit size will vary by your home and lot size, but performance remains exemplary even during extreme cold due to stable ground temperatures.

Energy efficiency ratings, depending on whether you use an open- or closed-loop system, will range from 3.5-4.6 COP heating and 15.5-30 EER cooling. Comfortmaker’s geothermal heat pumps can also be used for supplemental hot water generation. The brand also offers a Performance model, which is slightly less efficient and a bit louder.

Technical Specs

  • Insulated cabinet and compressor blanket for quiet operation 
  • Cooling capacity varies by unit size
  • Large operating temperature range with outstanding cold-weather performance
  • Weight and dimensions: varies 

Comfortmaker SoftSound Split-System Geothermal Heat Pump

This Energy Star-qualified, split-system geothermal model can be paired with a furnace or fan coil to deliver temperature-controlled air to your home. You can capture the excellent efficiency and reliability of geothermal heating and cooling while joining it with your existing system.

Energy efficiency ratings will depend on whether you use an open- or closed-loop system and range from 3.3-5.2 COP heating and 14.8-29.1 EER cooling. As with Comfortmaker’s other electric geothermal heat pumps, its split system can be used for supplemental hot water generation. 

Technical Specs

  • Insulated cabinet and compressor blanket for quiet operation 
  • Cooling capacity varies by unit size
  • Large operating temperature range with outstanding cold-weather performance
  • Dependent on furnace or fan coil with ECM blower motor
  • Weight and dimensions: varies 

Care and Maintenance

FurnaceCompare has built a robust guide on heat pump maintenance. Dirty filters restrict airflow, reduce system efficiency, and risk damaging your compressor. Keep your outdoor coils clean and free of debris, and straighten any bent fins. You should also have a licensed HVAC technician service your system at least once a year to ensure all ductwork is clear, refrigerant isn’t leaking, and your system is operating at maximum efficiency.

Comfortmaker Heat Pump Warranties

All Comfortmaker products are covered by a 10-year limited parts warranty upon registration; this applies to all functional parts. The company also notes that some key components may include a longer warranty. Check with your dealer for details before purchasing. 

Some units come with an additional No-Hassle Replacement warranty, which will cover a replacement unit if a major part fails during the coverage period. Warranty length varies by product group:

  • 10 Years – Top-of-the-line products
  • 5 Years – Mid-tier products
  • 1 or 3 Years – Standard-level products

Ask your dealer about other options for your heat pump.

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