Coleman Furnaces

Coleman Furnaces

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Coleman Furnace Overview

The Coleman brand is owned by York International Corporation, headquartered in York, Pennsylvania. Coleman was founded in 1900, and started out selling lanterns and camp stoves. The company switched to HVAC equipment in 1958, marking its entry into the heating and cooling industry. Today, Coleman is known for products with impressive dependability, great efficiency, and superior performance. Coleman’s HVAC products include air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, and packaged units.

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Reviews by Furnace Series

DGAA Echelon TM9V LX DGAH Comforteer CP9 G9T

Furnaces work by generating heat and distributing it throughout the home. There are different types of furnaces on the market, including gas, oil, and electric furnaces. You can also choose from single-stage, two-stage, variable-speed, or modulating furnaces. We cover several types of Coleman furnaces below so you can choose the best one for your needs. 

Coleman furnace series and models

Coleman offers a variety of furnace models to suit various spaces. The furnaces are classified into different series based on performance and fuel source. We outline Coleman’s furnace models below to help you make an informed shopping decision.

Echelon Series gas furnaces

The Echelon Series is comprised of Energy Star-qualified furnaces that offer higher energy efficiency than standard models. The units feature innovative EcoTrak comfort technology that ensures the right operating cycle for your locality. The modulating burner design adjusts heating levels continuously to meet your needs, while the variable-speed fan motor provides even temperature control and consistent comfort. The WhisperDrive comfort system helps to cut electricity costs.

The Echelon CP9C model has a compact 33-inch cabinet profile. It has a heating capacity of 60 to 120 MBH and delivers efficiency of up to 98% AFUE. The furnace costs an average of $2,050, not including installation.

With the Echelon CPLC furnace model, you get a unit with a 33-inch cabinet profile that conserves space. With a heating capacity of 60 to 120 MBH, the appliance delivers a high level of comfort. This furnace has efficiency ratings of up to 80% AFUE and sells for an average of $1,850.

LX Series gas furnaces

The LX Series comprises 10 furnace models: the TM9E, TM9Y, TM8Y, TM9V, TM9T, TM8V, TM8T, TM8X, TL8E, and TL9E. Each model features a two-stage burner and ECM motor so you can enjoy even temperature levels and consistent comfort without worrying about high energy bills. The multi-position quality of the units offers flexibility during installation and operation.

The LX TM9E furnace is an Energy Star-qualified unit that comes in a 33-inch compact cabinet. This furnace has a heating capacity of 40 to 120 MBH and an induced-combustion design that eliminates the need for a chimney. The furnace boasts an efficiency rating of up to 95% AFUE and costs about $1,400.

The TM9Y model features a compact 33-inch cabinet profile. This Energy Star-qualified furnace has a heating capacity of 40 to 120 MBH and offers efficiency ratings of up to 96% AFUE. The furnace is durable and comes with a low-leakage cabinet to ensure quiet and efficient operation. The device costs about $3,000, including installation costs.

Comforteer Series gas furnaces

The TG9S and TG8S models are high-efficiency furnaces under the Comforteer Series. The single-stage burners of these furnaces deliver reliable performance to ensure year-round comfort. These units have constant speed PSC fan motors that promote airflow to help improve indoor air quality and reduce temperature differences in your home.

The TG9S model features a compact 33-inch cabinet profile. It offers a heating capacity of 40 to 130 MBH and delivers efficiency of up to 95.5% AFUE. The appliance is designed for outstanding comfort and has built-in diagnostics to ensure reliability. The TG9S furnace costs about $1,250.

Care and maintenance

Coleman recommends scheduling regular checkups and maintenance to identify and address potential problems. The company advises consumers to get an HVAC professional to carry out inspection and maintenance works at least once every year. You should also have your unit inspected before the winter to ensure you are comfortable once the cold season sets in.

Apart from getting a professional to check the furnace, you can also take steps to prolong your furnace’s life, including periodically checking the thermostat, cleaning dust, and moving objects away from the furnace to ensure maximum air supply. You should also check the vent connections, replace furnace filters, and ensure the carbon dioxide monitor is operating properly. These maintenance practices will make your unit more efficient in the long run and lengthen its service period. 

Coleman furnace warranties

Coleman is known for offering excellent warranties on their equipment. Coleman furnaces carry a lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty, 10-year parts limited warranty, and 90-day labor limited warranty. These warranties are designed to give you the confidence that the unit will deliver performance, efficiency, and reliability for many years.

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