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"Coleman central air"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Have had the unit for one year now. There were some problems when first installed. It was blowing fuses. The installer came back out and said it was pulling too many amps. They then installed what he called a hard start kit. This seemed to take care of the problem and so far we have had no other problems

D Evans

Snyder, TX

"20 years and great"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have had my Coleman AC for about 20 years. 4 ton. It's been great. Home is around 2100 square feet.


"Absolute junk"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

When we purchased the house, it came with a Coleman sun-cutter whole house air-conditioning unit. The unit was about 23 years old when we decided to replace it. The unit was still working fine, but we anticipated that it was going to fail and cost a lot of money to fix. We felt it wouldn't be worth it. Since the unit was a Coleman, and it lasted this long, why not buy another one? The unit we purchased was a Coleman 3 ton heat pump self contained unit. It is a "13 series" model UB036C. This was the biggest piece of junk ever. We have just about spent the same amount as what it cost to purchase it. It has had a compressor, reversing valve, TX valve, recharge, and now it needs a cooling fan, which the estimate shows the job to be about $450.00. We have already put over $1000 into it on one service call, then there have been several smaller ones. The original unit had never been serviced in the 23 years it was used. This new one is 4 years old and has practically been rebuilt. It now has a knocking compressor in addition to the cooling fan which died. Now we have to start again, I think I'll buy a Trane or or something. Keep in mind that Coleman and York are owned by Johnson controls. I don't want any more of their rubbish.


West Virginia

"Coleman AC purchase and install."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Our AC unit in an 18 year old house went out. I called Mike Burrows, who I had met about 40 years ago and knew that he had taken over his father's heating and air business that he'd worked in all his life. I'd run into and/or seen Mike 8 or ten times in 40 years in the Ogden/Roy area of Utah. We'd originally met while both serving lds (Mormon) missions in England, 5000 miles and a lifetime away. Mike recommended the Coleman product. I love it because my house is cooler than with the old wearing out unit. Also (just as a side)my wife's maiden name is Coleman and I can be "cute" with the references to her linage.


Roy, Utah

"Coleman mobile home AC/heat"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

No model number on outside of the unit/unable to find model #. Unable (without model number) to order the correct parts. Also, the wiring diagram on the inside panel is unreadable and I have not been able to find one online or anywhere else because I don't have the model numbers.

Kathleen Lehman

Ocala, FL

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